Students may earn diploma in Spanish

Article by Eric Beavers, The Daily Citizen, August 8, 2005

A program approved Monday night by the Dalton Board of Education will allow some Spanish-speaking students a chance to earn a diploma in their native language.

High school dropout rates hover around 67 percent for students who arrive in America with no knowledge of the English language and little schooling in their native tongue, said International Academy principal Phil Jones. By offering a diploma from Mexico or a GED offered in Spanish, more students can be better prepared to continue learning and working in society, Jones said.

The offering is not for all Hispanic students, he noted. Only those who are so far behind they could not possibly graduate with a regular diploma are eligible...

Currently, about 15 students in the Dalton system would qualify for the program, Jones said, adding he expects that number to remain the same for several years. Classroom materials will be provided free by the Mexican consulate in Atlanta and no new teachers are needed....

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