Could There Be Twenty Million Illegals In The U.S.?

By By D.A. King, The Dustin Inman Society, August 7, 2004

  • “Your check is in the mail...”
  • “I’m from the government and I am here to help...”
  • “The expected wait time for your call is one minute...”
  • “I’ll call you soon.”

Most of us accept the above deceptions as a relatively harmless part of life in our United States. We are so accustomed to them that either we have tuned them out in an effort to navigate the social tight spots in our day-to-day existence, or we regard them as being unworthy of the trouble involved to correct.

On the last deceit on the list, we do so at our national peril.

Respectfully, I believe that figure wrong by half, further, I think it obvious that many of those involved with immigration crime fighting realize that fact. Their reasons for not speaking up and saying so are difficult for this citizen to understand.

I am hopeful that this explanation of my own observation will bring some discussion on the matter.

The seriously low estimation was last updated in December 2003, by Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, in a softening up action before dropping the White House’s amnesty bomb. The “8-12 million” fabrication was put out to replace an already far too low and tired 2000 census figure of 6-7 million [one that was later “corrected” - to 8 million] illegal aliens [criminals, mostly from Mexico] living openly inside our national borders.

Almost immediately after the 2000 figures were released, at least one major immigration reform organization, scholars, writers and number crunchers came out with their own calculations and theories showing the absurdity of the wishful conclusions of the census report.

Some at the time offered thirteen million illegals as a realistic figure.

They were ignored in an effort to not confuse the issue.

I am not alone in the suspicion that elected and appointed officials may intentionally be less than honest with American citizens.

We have allowed the very government that allows the assault on our sovereignty to measure and report as fact the level of damage that it, itself, is causing. If we continue that allowance today, we will eventually pay a price for not resisting.

In participating in the illusion, we do so at the cost of presenting the integral part of the education that the American public must have to force a change...the truth.

In the year 2000, the view from my home office window looked directly out at the home of real live Mexican illegal aliens. I can [and do] attest to the fact that they did not open their door for the police, dogcatcher, water meter reader, or code enforcement officer - much less someone whom they knew wanted to count residents, of which there were eighteen in the three bedroom Marietta, Georgia home.

That same process was repeated millions of times all across our nation during the once a decade headcount.


In April of 2003, Georgia state senator Sam Zamarripa, [D-36th], himself an advocate for illegal aliens, told the Georgia senate that there were “20 million people residing in our country with out complete documentation” - his euphemism for illegal aliens. Here, Zamarripa is far closer to the truth than we are likely to see him again.


In a February, 2004 letter to an Arizona constituent, United States Senator John McCain admitted that Border Patrol apprehension statistics demonstrated that nearly 4 million illegals entered our nation in 2002. It is widely accepted that a similar number crossed our borders illegally the year previous, 2001.

Again, an all too unfamiliar recognition of reality on the senator’s part.

In any case, McCain’s figures show that more than 10,000 “future citizens” per day entered our children’s future nearly two years ago.

Not included in that computation: before that enforcement agency was forbidden to note the fact, the United States Border Patrol released information showing that the number of illegal crossers increased 20-25% immediately after, and because of, the amnesty proposal of January 7, 2004.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that it concludes that the number of people who over-stay their visas to be 2.3 million. A recent Government Accountability Office [G.A.O.] report tells us that the number is considerably higher, and that millions of Mexicans and Canadians were not counted.

In June, Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security, Asa Hutchinson, said that Arizona apprehension figures were up to 3000 per day from 2000 per day in March of this year.

Using Senator McCain’s "one of four or five" formula, Hutchinson’s estimate shows that possibly 9000 illegals a day are making into the U.S. from the Arizona border with Mexico alone.

Finally, Patrol Agent Luis Gonzalez, a staffer for Gloria Chavez, information officer with the United States Border Patrol in Washington D.C. recently returned a phone inquiry concerning apprehension figures for the first half of 2004 [January-June]. They are as follows:

  • Tucson [AZ] sector: 380,131
  • Southern border total: 872,395
  • National total 888,480 [this total includes Northern border and coastal areas]

Not all illegal crossers stay of course, and the death rate must be considered when estimating the numbers.

I leave it to the reader to do their own math, but if there are not 20 million illegal aliens residing in our Republic as I type these words, winged swine will appear to save us from the ones who are.

If one doubts the fact that the amount of illegal aliens openly residing in the United States is severely under-stated at a static “8-12 million” – imagine the howls of protest from the illegal alien lobby, the Mexican government and the sponsoring, Hispandering, U.S. politicians were the amnesty plans now hanging over America’s head to be given a cap of 12 million individual amnesty certificates!

  • “Our national borders are secure…”
  • “This is the last amnesty proposal…”
  • “Of course I’ll call you tomorrow!...”
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