Videos focused on American border security, illegal immigration, illegal employment, legislation and law enforcement

D.A. King interviewed by Jorge Ramos on the Univision Network. (English) August, 2013 - 12 minutes.


Aztlan Rising


Legal Workers Line Up for Restaurant Jobs After Sheriff Joe Raids


The family of Dustin Inman held a vigil for their son, who was killed by an illegal alien 10 years ago. The illegal alien is still at large. Family: "We are the other side of immigration debate"... Tell the Inmans' about "family separation".

Dustin Inman's Mom and Dad - illegal immigration separates an American family. Forever. Billy and Kathy Inman are still looking for the illegal alien who hit their car, killing their sixteen year-old son Dustin and putting Kathy in a wheelchair. (May 6, 2009)

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