Brown Berets Get Ready

By Romeo Cantu, KGBT 4 TV, September 15, 2005

A once powerful militant group, known as the Brown Berets, told Action 4 News that they are ready to stand up against the Minutemen when they come to the Valley to patrol the border.

"We're here to stay and no one is going to come over and tell us what to do...

Delgado said that heís heading up the group here in Texas, just like he helped to do back in the mid-1960s when the once powerful militant group was first formed in East Los Angeles during the Chicano Liberation movement.

"At the time, we had racism and discrimination against the Mexican-American people, like the Ku Klux Klan. Now, (itís) the Minutemen.

Meeting with some of his supporters in the Valley, Delgado said that 16,000 Brown Berets around the state are ready to meet the Minutemen.

And that encounter could come soon, because the Minutemen are expected to have about 500 members in the Valley by Friday....

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