Let's stop pretending

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, May 3, 2006


When asked about what have become ominously known as "get tough" solutions to the illegal immigration disaster created by his refusal to secure American borders in the war on terror - the President of the United States is pretending that a border fence is not a solution and recently announced "mass deportations will not work."

Let's stop pretending.

Having been to Washington D.C. many times, I make the observation that the fence around the White House seems to be working very well. Anyone, and everyone, who illegally makes it over - or under - that barrier is quickly and correctly removed.

A problem I doubt the President has ever dealt with: Several years ago, I walked into the laundry room of the only home we have ever owned - built in 1984 by Americans who were paid a living American wage - to find that a water hose on the old Maytag had burst. The inch deep level of unwanted water was rising fast. Without hesitation, I turned off the water supply and then began to remove the water a little at a time.

It worked.

By stopping the flow of water, we were then able to clean up the mess.

I would never have pretended that I could have repaired the water hose or returned our humble residence to normal without first stopping the deluge that would have eventually swamped our entire home. I never pretended I could convince my wife that we must learn to live with the obvious problem.

Like turning off the water, the first step in saving our nation must be to stop the flood of illegal aliens.

I mention this because many who profit from the fact that nearly 10 percent of Mexico now lives in the United States pretend that there are only two choices in dealing with the millions of illegal aliens who have been allowed to live, steal wages and choose which of our laws they will obey here.

We are asked to believe that either we round up all of the illegals and get them out of the country by sundown tomorrow, or, that we wave the white flag of surrender, meet their demands and make them American citizens. Having falsely established those two limited choices, the illegal alien lobby then tells us that it is impossible to accomplish the former because it would be too expensive and we don't possess the means to move millions of people.

The amnesty lobby also hopes that we are not aware that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has produced a study that reports that it will be five years before we will have the technical ability to do a background check and process even 11 million illegal aliens for another amnesty like the one we tried in 1986.

If you believe there are only 11 million illegals here, you may also believe that our old Maytag only leaked one gallon of water when the hose failed.

The current anarchy in our republic did not develop overnight. The threat to our national sovereignty and the fearless demands of "civil rights" from the mob who should be marching in their own nation's streets has taken more than 30 years to build. Let's stop pretending that it will be instantly eliminated.

Only when we elect leadership that will first secure our borders, then begin to punish the criminal employers and bankers who, along with the government of Mexico, have been allowed to dictate our national immigration and security policy will we be able to clean up the national mess they have created.

Steady attrition of the illegal alien population by enforcement of existing laws is the solution.

Let's stop pretending that the president is doing much of anything to stop illegal immigration. Let's stop pretending that he ever will. Let's not pretend that another amnesty will work.

Let's stop pretending that the survival of any political party is more important than that of our children's republic.

Let's stop pretending that enforcing American laws and securing American borders is impossible - or somehow un-American.

D.A. King is president of The Dustin Inman Society, a coalition dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of illegal immigration. On the Web: (http://www.thedustininmansociety.org)

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