True Cost of 'Cheap Labor'

By D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, January 28, 2005

In the Jan. 20 MDJ, we read that the illegal alien charged in the stabbing death of Acworth resident Lisa Ann Bourquardez, 27, was already wanted in his home country of Mexico for a previous murder. He had been here for four years.

In these strange times, it seems important to point out that Lisa Ann was an American citizen.

The suspect, like many illegal aliens here, uses several names. He is known as Jose Bautista. His real name, police say, may be Guillermo Paralata Casteneda.

Whatever his name, he is one of the estimated 20 million people in our nation who recognize that many of our laws do not apply to them and realize that they can easily live and work here illegally without fear of consequences.

As I write, Bautista/Casteneda remains free and may be on his way back to Mexico.

Ms. Bourquardez is dead because we have a barbed-wire border with Mexico that is intentionally less secure than any cattle pasture in Cobb County. Her death is a direct result of three to four million illegals a year flooding into the America that should have protected her from Mexico's overflow.

While it is politically incorrect to mention, over the years, more Americans have been killed as the result of our unsecured border with Mexico than lost their lives in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Ms. Bourquardez will not see her two young daughters grow up because our elected officials, from the White House to county commissions all over America, openly encourage and assist what President Bush and others refer to as "good-hearted" folks "just looking for a better life."

We are told we must continue to illegally import the poverty from other nations because there are "jobs Americans will not do."

Apparently, we are expected to forget that we Americans cleaned our own floors, built the Hoover Dam and put a man on the moon long before it was usual to see 100 illegal "willing workers" wrestle for three landscaping jobs offered by one shameless contractor in a parking lot on Powder Springs Road for $10 an hour - in cash.

"Labor shortage" anyone?

We are expected to forget that we paid Americans a living wage in America not so long ago - before we had Spanish-language voting ballots in Georgia.

"A better life" indeed.

Lets not forget this: There are no jobs that Americans will not do - only intentionally depressed wages on which they cannot live with dignity in their own country.

Lisa Ann Bourquardez is gone because the illegals and the many who profit from their taxpayer-subsidized labor are allowed to violate our employment and tax laws.

Imagine openly using a known fraudulent Social Security number in your own business. See what happens if you try to get away with paying or accepting unreported cash as payment in a business that does not involve illegal labor.

Try not paying your income taxes and note the effects of law enforcement for Americans in America.

Somebody in our community employed Lisa Ann's murderer.

I wonder how much money he was able to pocket by paying Bautista less than he would a legal Cobb County worker?

I wonder how many more illegals that same employer has on his payroll right now?

Ask yourself why the federal authorities are not allowed to stop this very organized crime.

Ask yourself if "legalizing" the current 20 million illegals will discourage 20 million more from coming. (We tried that in the amnesty of 1986. They were 3 million then.)

I wonder if Lisa Ann's two daughters will understand when they are old enough to have all this explained?

In another story in the Jan. 21 MDJ, I saw that the governor has proposed a law to make it a felony to send "Spam" e-mails over the internet from here in Georgia.

You can bet that if passed, this would be one of those laws that is strictly enforced.

I hope and trust that the governor will put the same importance on any bills that the General Assembly may present that would make Georgia less attractive to illegal aliens.

That, Lisa Ann's daughters will understand.