Today's America - yesterday's science fiction?

By D.A. King, Douglas Enterprise, March 25, 2006

More than the nation of laws, secure borders and common language that our grandfathers devotedly passed on to us, the United States now more closely resembles a fictional location set in an episode from Rod Serling's 1960's Twilight Zone TV series.

Atlanta newspapers write about a third generation Atlanta area building contractor who acknowledges that illegal immigration has lowered the wages of that trade to levels that are nearly impossible for him to be legally competitive - but he hesitates to resist in fear of being labeled "racist".

There are "jobs Americans will not do", we are constantly told. English is an optional language in Georgia.

American veterans are held up to a means test to qualify for promised free medical care.

In their final years, members of America's "greatest generation" are required to choose between losing access to Medicaid funds to remain in nursing homes - or forfeiting their homes. Meanwhile, the corporate-funded, ethnic-based lobby shepherding millions of illegal aliens has demanded, and obtained, no questions asked taxpayer-funded free medical care and education for people with no legal right to be in the United States. No means test needed - in any language.

For those with the temerity to ask, they are merely "civil-rights activists". "Dignity" is the current buzz-word.

U.S. Senators consider waving a magic wand of legalization over the illegal aliens - and their bankers.

American college students pay out of state tuition if they choose a university outside their own state - but foreign students here illegally can, and do, access the far less costly in-state tuition. Because, we are lectured, "it is the right thing to do".

In a war on terror, American borders are violated more often than at any time in our history. It's just business.

Illegal aliens are regularly found to be employed at sensitive "secure" military bases and the nation's airports. Turning over management of our ports to a suspect foreign government is regarded as somehow more suicidal than illegally importing un-inspected labor with access to American aircraft carriers - or airliners.

Here in Georgia, a state legislator with the courage to attempt to mirror existing - but ignored - federal laws governing illegal immigration and employment is regarded suspiciously. While those who have the most to lose if those laws are actually enforced fearlessly escort illegal aliens into the Georgia Senate Chamber in an effort to "frame the issue in human terms" - insisting that existing law continue to not be enforced.

In Georgia, illegal aliens are organized to threaten a boycott of American businesses. To demand "justice". Yawn.

No one asks about the consequences of Americans boycotting to demand equal protection under the law.

Angry cries of betrayal from citizens are regarded as less valid or reasonable than the wails of "injustice" from people with no legal right to be in the United States.

Having been told that the "one time amnesty" of 1986 for three million illegals would finally solve the border and illegal immigration crisis, Americans watch as campaign donors in American business attempt to coerce the federal government into granting another amnesty - with the same promise. "Guest workers" indeed.

Number of employers sanctioned for employing illegal labor in 2004? Three.

The same employers set the wage scale, knowing that there is always cheaper illegal labor on the way from across the border. Illegal immigration and taxes are up, but wages are down.

Bankers openly extend mortgage loans to people who by law should be more concerned about deportation than interest points.

We are told that "we must have illegal labor to keep up with growth", but that we should get accustomed to I-75 becoming 23 lanes wide in Atlanta.

To the 21st century American, it is the new "global reality" to be quietly accepted - under pain of being labeled somehow "un-American."

Let's change the channel. Let's call our Senators. No amnesty.

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