Senate Bill 529

By D.A. King, Douglas Enterprise, March 12, 2006

Our long national nightmare continues.

In the first two months of this year, there were a record 400,000 apprehensions of people crossing our national borders illegally. The most hopeful official guess is that Border Patrol catches one of four or five illegal entrants.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the U. S. Senate is scratching its collective head trying to figure out a way to “solve” the problem of having about 20 million illegals in the nation they are sworn to secure and protect by making the illegals “legal” [amnesty] – like it did in 1986 - and still keep their elected office.

Good luck with that one senators.

A more firm grasp of the reality of the crisis is sweeping over the Georgia legislature. For that, we have Georgia state Senator Chip Rogers [R-Woodstock] to thank.

For Georgians who have been demanding that our state government do something to fight illegal immigration, the end of the beginning may be in sight. Rogers’ Senate Bill 529, The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act passed the senate Wednesday.

It is the strongest such legislation in the nation.

The sound you hear is the profiteering illegal alien lobby scrambling to redouble its effort at self - preservation by defeating Rogers’ bill in the Georgia House.

Their task? Convince a House committee if possible and the entire Georgia House of Representatives if necessary, to ignore the more than 80% of Georgians who, according to a recent Zogby poll, demand state protection from the ravages of illegal immigration.

If anyone dares to murmur that Rogers’ bill merely mirrors the fundamentals of the existing - but ignored - federal law, blur the issue – by any means necessary.

If someone points out that federal law requires that employers - including the state of Georgia, - verify legal immigration status when hiring, call them “anti-immigration extremists”. Label them as out of touch and simplistic throwbacks to the dark ages when the law was to be equally applied - even for employers and people from Mexico.

When it comes up that we as a state cannot fully finance the needed care and education of our own citizens, use the “anti-Latino” label on anyone who says that perhaps we should verify legal status of those who are taking tax funded services - call them “mean-spirited’.

Declare that borders are “de-humanizing”.

When the argument is lost, regroup while spewing “racist” at anyone who recognizes your agenda and says as much.

These tactics have worked for years, and they will continue, but this week at the Capitol I saw some new moves from those who promote open borders and illegal immigration:

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF], the ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League, the AFL-CIO and other groups organized a Wednesday morning rally on the Capitol steps to educate about a hundred mostly self-proclaimed illegal aliens on the consequences to be suffered if SB 529 were to become law…and then enforced.

Later the group was urged to go into the Georgia Capitol and lobby Georgia senators to vote “NO” on the bill aimed at discouraging illegal immigration into

Georgia. Many of them did. I watched as their handlers and the few English speaking admitted illegals tried to help the Spanish only illegals speak to senators.

Then, as the group filled more than half of the public gallery balcony in the Georgia Senate chamber, Jerry Gonzalez, who operates state Senator Sam Zamarripa’s [D- Atlanta] ethnic based open borders organization - the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials - explained to the media that legislators should regard the illegal aliens as “constituents” - and listen to their demands.

Escorting illegal aliens into the Georgia senate chamber to demand that the law not be enforced is a fascinating strategy…si?

From the floor of the senate, Senator Zamarripa went at the not yet passed bill from two angles, first, that it would create a “separate but unequal” system in Georgia. You know, one for illegal aliens and one for those annoying citizens.

He regards this as a bad thing.

Moving from the shameless comparison of illegal immigration and Black America’s struggle to see the law equally applied in the 1960’s, Zamarripa then warned that because of the legislation, Georgia’s illegals may begin to migrate to more accommodating destinations, “like New Orleans or Alabama”.

As a partner in a bank making mortgage loans to illegal aliens in Georgia…he regards that as a bad thing too.

Americans who don’t should make that fact clear to the Georgia House.

D.A. King is president of The Dustin Inman Society, a Marietta -based coalition of citizens dedicated to educating the Georgia public on the consequences of illegal immigration. On the Web: (

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