On Being Vigilant, a Reply to a Reader’s Concerns

By D.A. King, Douglas Enterprise, February 18, 2006

At the end of last week’s column, I wrote that I would make some comments on the President’s State of the Union address in this week’s space.

I have changed my mind.

I think it is enough to say that most of us understand that the President wants us to believe that we cannot begin to secure our borders or enforce our immigration, banking or employment laws concerning the more than 20 million illegal aliens in our country until we make these illegals “legal”.

While I do not normally respond to individual letters and will not do so often, today I would like to address a letter to the editor printed in the February 8th edition of the Douglas Enterprise from a concerned reader, Ms. Miriam King.

Ms. King’s letter outlined her views that my obviously outrageous demands that American borders be at least as secure as are Mexico’s, and that the law be equally applied...even for campaign donating employers and people of Hispanic descent, apparently reminds her of “Hitler’s philosophy”.

This is not exactly a new approach to attempting to silence those of us with the temerity to point out that there is no universal civil right to live in the United States and that if we do not enforce our borders and laws - we really have no country.

Maybe this is what Ms. King wants and referred to by informing us that we live in a “global society”?

Most of the usual illegal alien lobby talking points were featured in Ms. King’s attack on myself and state Senator Chip Rogers, including that old dependable comparison of a proposed border barrier between the U.S. and Mexico to the Berlin wall. Uhh…right.

Memo to all who will continue this ridiculous association: the Berlin Wall was built to keep people in Communist East Germany, not prevent “migration” into that failed attempt to make everyone trapped there equally poor.

Ms. King asks if my matricula consulars are genuine or counterfeit.

They are counterfeit…umm…that’s the point. The office of intelligence of the FBI testified in the U.S. Congress that the Mexican issued ID is easily forged and represents a security threat and a possible terrorist threat to our nation [OK to say “our nation” Ms. King?]. I have three matricula consular ID’s to illustrate the reality of that testimony.

Anyone can get one.

Instead of my own name, on one of my matricula cards I use the name “Al”. Al Qaida Gonzalez - with a fictional address of “911 Forgotten St”.

Ms. King confidently educates us that the government of Mexico issues its citizens the matricula consular ID “as the U.S offers passports to us”. Lets be a little more honest on just of the many problems with that statement…passports are issued for the purpose of legal entry into other sovereign nations before travel. Or am I being “hateful” here?

As for the government of Mexico not bringing illegal aliens into the U.S., I must assume that Ms. King has not yet seen the “Guide for the Mexican Migrant” booklet published and distributed in Mexico by the Mexican government. It is complete with instructions on how to dress for illegally crossing our borders, and how to deal with American Border Patrol.

The bright red beacon in the Sonoran desert just south of the barbwire on the Mexican- American the border that guides the soon to be illegals into Arizona is most likely merely a nighttime ornament. Right?

One of my favorite arguments used by those who argue in favor of illegal immigration is the one about the Pilgrims not having immigration papers. I guess they have me there, they did not. However, like Mexico, we now have a system of laws here. Enough said.

I will not even bother to dignify with a reply Ms. King’s comparison of Black American’s ancestors being dragged from their homeland, shackled and brought as slaves to America to people illegally crossing our borders at will because they can make more money here than in their own corrupt country.

I take this week’s space to note Ms. King’s letter simply to make it clear to all who are beginning to speak up about the illegal immigration crisis in our state and nation that such attacks are not original, or unusual. They will continue. If you choose to resist the lawlessness that is permeating our “New America”, eventually they will be directed at you.

My advice? Remember what President Bush asked of us just after 9/11.

Be vigilant.

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