"Guest Worker Proposal" : Amnesty on a Six Year Time Fuse

By D.A. King, Douglas Enterprise, February 11, 2006

In December, the president and the media almost had me going just before he gave his "Immigration Reform" speech. Almost.

The word was that the president had heard the angry cries of abandonment from the American people and was going to announce a new "strict immigration and border enforcement" policy. While switching on the TV to watch, I tried to stop asking myself why we are not enforcing our immigration laws now.

With some excitement, I tuned into C-SPAN and watched as he said, "I have a solemn duty, and so do the members of the United States Congress, to protect our nation, our Constitution, and our laws." Great, I thought, he does remember his oath of office.

Having been president for five years - and allowing several million people a year to illegally enter our nation each of those years - it seemed rather late for him to realize that he should do anything and everything to secure America -more so considering the events of 9/11. But let's give him a listen, I decided.

I really got my hopes up when he said, "We want to make it clear that when people violate immigration laws, they're going to be sent home, and they need to stay at home."

"Viva repatriation!" I was thinking to myself while glued to the TV screen, now we have something! Anyone who challenges our rule of law or compromises our homeland security is going to be punished!

Those who would rather pay illegal wages to illegal aliens than employ those pesky Americans are going to get theirs... finally. I smiled with hopeful visions of criminal employers as inmates and loaded immigration enforcement buses headed south.

Alas - no. As most of us who study the crisis had feared, what he was really trying to sell was the same old amnesty plan - now he is calling it a "Guest Worker plan" - not really much different than the 1986 amnesty that magically made nearly three million illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico… legal.

The "one-time" amnesty of nearly 20 years ago proved that rewarding illegal immigration does not stop that crime. Look around and see if you agree. Por favor.

The president didn't beat around the bush (sorry) about what he has in mind. "But people in this debate must recognize that we will not be able to effectively enforce our immigration laws until we create a temporary worker program," he lectured. Translation? The taxpayer subsidized black-market labor that American business demands is really the issue here. End of debate.

The costs to Americans, financial, cultural - and in lives - are simply the price of doing business.

Lean back, drink your Kool-Aid and accept the new reality. National sovereignty is not profitable anymore.

This time around, we will allow those who are here illegally to stay for another six years - then they must obey the law and leave.

Sure they will. So will the millions who come between now and then. Right?

There are more holes in the president's plan than our borders, but here is one to remember. The illegal alien lobby is even now, in 2006, screaming that it is "hateful," "anti-immigrant/Latino" (pick one - or both), "racist" and "cruel" to "tear families apart" by deporting anyone here illegally who has taken advantage of the present convoluted interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and had a child in America.

Birthright citizenship.

We grant citizenship, and all the welfare benefits that come with it, to anyone who is born on American soil, regardless of their parent's immigration status. That fact is not exactly a secret in Mexico.

This policy is national suicide unless we completely secure our borders.

Try getting 20 million or more people to leave six years from now after they have anchored themselves here by using our free medical services to give birth to several children who automatically became U.S. citizens. If they won't leave now, why would they leave then?

The president is wrong. Shamelessly wrong. He must be told as much.

So must any U.S. Senator who is planning to assist the corporate criminals with another amnesty - no matter what they label it. I am going to call Senator Chambliss at 229 985 2112 and Senator Isakson at 770 661 0999 and say so.

The president had more to say about our borders and amnesty in his State of the Union address last month. More on that next week.

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