U.S. Citizens Should Try Boycott Of Our Own Against Amnesty

By D.A. King, Douglas Enterprise, April 5, 2006

This is our country and this is where we will stay! Together you are a voice that is unstoppable!...Congressman Luis Gutierrez [D-IL] March 10, to a multitude of 75,000 in Chicago Illinois , USA - demanding amnesty and U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens.

By now, the battle lines must be clear to even the most timid and uninformed Americans who have been in denial concerning the illegal colonization of their nation by Mexico.

In open defiance of the same federal law that is steadfastly applied to Americans, last weekend a half million illegal aliens flooded the streets of Los Angeles. The mayor of the city encouraged the mob. He called them “immigrants”.

The 50,000 protesters in Denver waving the ultimate symbol of assimilation – the Mexican flag - and the 20,000 in Phoenix, were just a sampling of what was happening all over the nation as the U.S. Senate begins to consider guest worker amnesty and whether or not to pass more legislation pretending that existing laws will be enforced and American borders will be secured.

There are more nationwide demonstrations by illegals slated to begin early next month.

So far, there has been no national public uprising from the American people who have been betrayed by their elected leaders. The old adage that “we get the government that we deserve” will not stop ringing in my head.

The message to the American people from Gutierrez is clear: we were able to make it past your Border Patrol, we are here and we are not leaving. We will decide which rules are useful to us. Your borders are as out of date as your idea of equal protection under the law. Accept the new reality or you will be labeled an “extremist”…or a “racist”.

The message from the President is equally clear: we should reward the illegal aliens by allowing them to stay as long as they will work for wages set by employers.

As someone who has suffered the slings of the name-calling and the attempts at marginalization involved in insisting that our government must obey the sworn oaths of office, I note with sad amazement that no one is labeling the illegal alien lobby as “extremist”…or “racist”.

We now live in a nation that has a means test for free medical care for its military veterans, but provides no questions asked – in any language- free medical care to anyone, from anywhere in the world who can make it past our courageous Border Patrol. Heaven help the legislator with the courage to suggest that we should begin to use our limited tax dollars to help legal residents.

Or that the state of Georgia itself verify legal immigration status of people it pays with taxpayer money.

In today’s Georgia, at the end of their lives, some members of America’s “Greatest Generation” are threatened with having to choose between surrendering the deed to their homes - or continued Medicaid covered care in a nursing home.

American bankers openly extend mortgage loans to people who by law should be more concerned about deportation than interest points. We are told that must have illegal labor to keep up with growth - but that we should get accustomed to I-75 becoming 23 lanes wide in Atlanta.

Illegal aliens are regularly found to be employed at sensitive and “secure” U.S. military bases - and the nation’s airports. Turning over management of our ports to a suspect foreign government is regarded as somehow more suicidal than illegally importing un-inspected labor with access to American aircraft carriers - or airliners.

In today’s America, there are those who are somehow “more equal” under the law.

I suggest that we must at least offer some resistance to the national suicide of leaving our borders un-secured and watching as citizens become little more than a resource for our government to coddle the unpunished for whom our nation is little more than an address.

I have learned from Congressman Gutierrez and the millions of illegal aliens who now threaten us.

On Monday, April 17 - income tax day – in my own search for a better life, this American is not going to spend a dime in protest. If I had not already given up my own business to do something about our national nightmare, I would refuse to go to work as well. I have had enough.

Until November, I can think of no other way to get the attention of the President and Congress.

What if millions of Americans do the same?

D.A. King is president of The Dustin Inman Society, a coalition of citizens dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of illegal immigration. On the Web; (http://www.TheDustinInmanSociety.org)

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