What is next for illegals in GOP Georgiafornina

By D.A. King, Cherokee Tribune, April 21, 2015

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While there is an effort in the state senate from Senator Josh McKoon, no member of the Republican-controlled Georgia House introduced any bill to halt the driver’s licenses reward for illegals.

It seems the revelation that Georgia has been issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens since July of 2012, that the majority-Republican state legislature has not stopped that hushed-up practice and that the state senate has and uses an unrecorded vote system has created renewed interest in state “politics.”

Here is more information for voters.

While there is an effort in the state senate from Senator Josh McKoon, no member of the Republican-controlled Georgia House introduced any bill to halt the driver’s licenses reward for illegals.

The illegal alien reward system here in Georgia, pushed by President Barack Obama, the ACLU, corporate-funded anti-borders groups, the agriculture lobby and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce on many weak, but willing politicians can easily be described as “California-like.”

Respectfully, whether my loyal Republican friends want to admit it or not, on capitulating to the crime of illegal immigration, selling out American workers, and the rule of law, we are clearly on the road to becoming the California of the southeast — “Georgiafornia.”

While it will be kept as quiet as possible in “the news,” here is a partial list of what to expect in the not-too-distant future of Republican Georgiafornia:

♦ Instate tuition for illegals in public universities — and we mean all illegals, deferred action on deportation or not — thereby allowing these victims of borders to attend University System of Georgia schools at less tuition cost than legal immigrants and American students who live in other states. This is already happening in Obama’s America.

There is already a bill pending in the Georgia Senate aimed at giving instate tuition to DACA illegals in public universities. But unlike the original senate bill to halt driver’s licenses to illegals, it has actually seen a (Republican-chaired) committee hearing under the Gold Dome.

♦ HOPE Scholarships for illegal aliens. Management at Emory University, a private school and not part of the University System of Georgia, recently demonstrated its enlightenment with an announcement of a scholarship program that puts Americans behind illegal aliens with DACA status. It is only a matter of time before the Chamber of Commerce orders that the Republicans slip a bill through the legislature to match the moral superiority of the private sector colleges in taxpayer-funded schools. It will no doubt “make good business sense.”

Maybe it would see a recorded vote in the state Senate — or maybe not.

♦ Expanding taxpayer-funded health care for illegal aliens to include Medicaid. All illegals already get no-cost “emergency” care in any U.S. hospital. But a recent proposal in California would offer enrollment in Medi-Cal to illegal aliens. Medi-Cal is that debt-ridden state’s healthcare program for the poor.

Like GOP Georgia, Democrat-majority California — the illegal immigration capital of the world — is encouraging even more illegal alien, future Democrat voters to migrate in. One would think they had a bountiful supply of water and a surplus in their state budget.

♦ Legally present non-citizens — and then illegal aliens — voting in local elections. The push for this has been on for years and is now at a tipping point in New York and other oh-so-advanced states. Just behind the grand prize and ultimate objective of officially open borders, this is the trophy that makes the illegal alien lobby swoon.

♦ Illegal alien police officers. Incredibly, Obama’s deferred deportation illegal aliens are being hired in Chicago as law enforcement officers. Remember, “fundamental transformation” is what we were promised.

♦ llegal alien teachers. Another transformation already happening right now in Colorado and spreading like bed bugs.

The stated reason for hiring illegal alien teachers is the need for foreign language-speaking teachers to deal with the exploding number of non-English speaking students. Most of who came here illegally.

Colorado officials say the illegal alien teachers offer outlooks and knowledge “similar to the experiences of many of our students.”

♦ Illegal alien lawyers. Illegal aliens can and do already apply for and receive professional licenses in the Peach State. Coming soon to anything-for-a-buck Georgia, just like in today’s California, you will eventually see illegal aliens practicing law.

When put in place, these are laws that would be enforced.

It is easy to imagine loyal GOP readers shaking their heads in denial and murmuring, “this cannot happen here.”

Really? Think back ten years and try to imagine a majority-Republican Georgia government allowing illegal aliens to embed here with the defacto national ID — a driver’s license. Or seeing GOP state senators demur on recording their vote on stopping that insanity.

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society. He is not a member of an

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