Georgia not ready for Obama-built immigration crisis

By D.A. King, Cherokee Tribune, August 19, 2014

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This chaos was created by Barack Obama with the Saul Alinsky-designed intention of crashing the entire American immigration enforcement system, creating a last-minute vehicle for another congressional amnesty and importing as many future Democrat voters as possible.

After three years of silence on immigration in Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal fired off an angry letter to President Barack Obama late last month concerning 1,154 illegal alien “unaccompanied minors” being secretly shipped to Georgia. He says some legislators are complaining about increased school enrollments.

It seems that Deal is upset that President Obama didn’t inform him the governor’s about the influx of new illegal aliens. But six days later, he invited members of the illegal alien lobby and the foreign language media into his office to quietly smooth things over.

Because the MSM is offering up the usual agenda-driven and intentionally low-information version of coverage on all things “immigration,” some inconvenient facts on “the humanitarian, unaccompanied children, border crisis.”

This chaos was created by Barack Obama with the Saul Alinsky-designed intention of crashing the entire American immigration enforcement system, creating a last-minute vehicle for another congressional amnesty and importing as many future Democrat voters as possible.

The majority of “the children” aren’t children. Or “unaccompanied.” Most of the “children” that we are told every half-hour somehow made it 1,500 miles from Central America to Texas alone are actually teens, according to the Pew Research Center. Some are gang members. Border patrol agents who come in contact with these “children” are reporting cases of contracting scabies, lice, tuberculosis and Swine flu. And now passing these third-world diseases on to their own American children.

The Washington Times reports that according to Border Patrol statistics, most of the illegal alien “children” apprehended in the recent border rush are actually entire families. Less than one-fourth of all those apprehended are unaccompanied alien children from Central America. “The number of illegally arriving families shot up five times faster than UAC arrivals over last year” says the news report.

Information from an actual study of and report on the facts on “the children” from the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies doesn’t help the Obama “blame the Bush-era law” fairy tale either. “Despite the attention it has received, by its own terms, the “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008” — a law aimed, in part, at “unaccompanied alien children” who are victims of trafficking — may have little applicability to the current situation on the border. It appears that a significant majority of children coming across are not “unaccompanied alien children” according to the definition found in federal law. Federal law defines an “unaccompanied alien child” as an illegal alien under the age of 18 who is without “a parent or legal guardian in the United States.” Data from government agencies suggest that the overwhelming majority of minors arriving on the U.S. border have family in the United States.

More from the CIS report: “There is little evidence to suggest that the recent arrivals are victims of trafficking, which involves coercion. Instead, families and their children are willing participants in smuggling operations, having paid smugglers (up to $10,000) to bring them into the United States. As ICE explains, “Human trafficking and human smuggling are distinct criminal activities, and the terms are not interchangeable.”

What Georgians — including Deal — should prepare for is the fact that all of this deceit isn’t even the main event in Obama’s scheme. He has promised another illegal administrative amnesty declaration which is likely coming in the next month or so, unless he is stopped.

Gov. Deal and the leadership of the Georgia Legislature were warned numerous times over the last year that Barack Obama would expand his 2012 “deferred action” on deportation for many, if not most, illegal aliens in the nation if the House refused to allow a path to the Rubio-Schumer senate amnesty scam pushed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the far-left.

While Deal remained silent, in the 2014 session, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce ordered the Establishment Republicans in leadership positions under the Gold Dome to kill legislation aimed at preparing Georgia for Obama’s unconstitutional action. A bill intended to alter Georgia law so that “deferred action” illegal aliens could not legally access most public benefits — including drivers’ licenses — was declared “anti-business” and stopped.

We suffer with more illegals than Arizona. With an estimated population of 400,000 or so victims of borders in Georgia, you may by wondering why the sudden — but short-lived — angry protest from a few legislators and Governor Deal about Obama secretly adding 1154 more.

Maybe this is a reason? The November election is in less than 100 days.

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society. Twitter: @DAKDIS

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