AP Censors Illegal Aliens Crimes

By Sher Zieve, TCV News, December 9, 2005


ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration) reports that the North Carolina Associated Press is censoring stories related to crimes committed by illegal aliens. William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, writes: “Citizens in the Charlotte area and western part of the state know about the Scott and Tina Gardner tragedy and the Associated Press did not pick up the story and tell the rest of the state.”

Gheen further writes: “This probably happened for two reasons. One, Scott Gardner and his family were mauled in the Eastern part of the state and they lived in another area of the state. Two, Scott Gardner was well known in his community as a church leader, teacher, and coach.” The Gardner story includes illegal Mexican alien Ramiro Gallegos who, while driving intoxicated, hit the Gardner’s vehicle; killing Scott Gardner, placing his wife Tina in critical condition and coma and injuring the two Gardner children....

In another illegal alien DWI incident, Marin Gomez hit the vehicle driven by Amy Hope Milligan, placing her in a coma. Yet another DWI killing occurred while illegal alien Jorge Hernandez was driving at over 100 mph and proceeding the wrong way on a highway. In a head on collision, Hernandez hit the car being driven by 18 year old Min Chang killing her instantly....

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