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Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc. uses Cobb County Recreation facility for "Health Fiesta & Job Fair"

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On August 20, 2005, in partnership with the government of Mexico, Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc. - a Georgia registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation - held a "Latino Health Fiesta and Job Fair" at the Cobb County Fair Oaks Recreation Center, West Booth Rd., Marietta, Georgia.

More than forty vendors were present to display their services.

Rates for exhibit rental charged by Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc. were:

  • $500.00 each for Corporate Exhibitors (over 25 employees)
  • $250.00 each for Small Business (less than 25 employees)
  • $50.00 each for non-profit organizations
  • Free to Government and Clinics providing medical services.

The total cost to taxpayers has not been announced to date. (See the article It's 2005: Do you know where your tax dollars are?)

Hundreds were in attendance. Spanish was the most often heard language of the day.

Besides many departments of the Cobb County government, and attorneys at law Orlando & Kopelman, PC , vendors included El Banco De Nuestra Comunidad (in English: "The Bank of Our Community") and Kingston Mortgage Company, both of which accept as valid identification the American government (IRS) issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and the Mexican government issued Matricula Consular ID.

Both banks offer and make mortgage loans to illegal aliens, as does United Americas Bank and others in Georgia. Does yours?

El Banco De Nuestra Comunidad (678 461 0995) had the longest line, one that lead to a table that was processing a photo ID. (More on that later).

(Click here for to view the complete flyer.)

An "El Banco" bank supervisor made it clear that he did not approve of photos being taken of the bank operation at the government hosted event, and very adamantly questioned the "authorization" of the DIS photographer (D.A. King) to take photographs of "his bank". (He was politely reminded of the fact that the venue was public property).

Account, credit card and loan (including mortgage loans) applications were advertised, promoted, and readily accepted and processed.

DIS note: Real, legal immigrants do not need a bank issued photo ID - or a Matricula Consular ID - ,that welcome group will possess a valid visa, passport and most often, a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).

It is a federal crime to encourage an illegal alien to remain in the United States. It is further a federal crime to aid and abet an illegal alien for commercial gain. We think that reasonable people will agree that making a Home Loan to an illegal alien qualifies as encouragement and assistance.

In the two hours that The Dustin Inman Society was present, no federal, state or local law enforcement officials made any attempt to question or investigate any activities described here.

We respectfully question the wisdom of the expenditure of the taxpayer dollar for this event. Again.

Tip of the Hat: To the four on-duty Cobb County Police officers present.

Many thanks to the brave police officers who risk their lives each day to carry out the job to which they are sworn.

Kingston Mortgage Inc. of Atlanta - another vendor that paid for a booth - openly solicited a 0% Down payment home mortgage loan, with presentation of an ITIN and a Matricula Consular as valid identification. Kingston Mortgage Inc. (770 955-6282) calls the mortgage loans to people without American identification and an American Social Security number "The Zebra Project"...with the slogan that it is making "Mortgages to people of every stripe."

Asked if they would make a loan to someone who was in the United States illegally, their representatives happily answered "Why not?."

(Flyer collected at the "Latino Health Fiesta and Job Fair" hosted by Cobb County. Click here for to view the complete flyer.)

The Dustin Inman Society registered for a free prize (a stereo boom box) upon filling out a short contact form...# 269. (No news to date on our winning the prize...or any contact from Kingston Mortgage Inc.)

Another vendor, Primerica, a member of Citicorp, solicited financial business from the hundreds of attendees. Pimerica representatives made it clear that their supervisors and examiners would carefully scrutinize and eliminate any applications that did not include a valid American government issued Social Security number. (More on this later as well.)

Guess which of the vendors was most busy?

Noted vendor: the well known American Association of Retired Persons. (AARP) When asked about AARP being present at the taxpayer hosted "Latino Health Fiesta Fair & Job Fair", representatives finally answered that they were promoting "financial knowledge and guidance".

While this is admirable, we still question to relevance of lenders and financial institutions at a "Latino Health Fiesta and Job Fair" and fail to see how the connection here to public health and safety.

See Dia de la Mujer Latina Inc. application for exhibit space (note cost).

The complete and final list of vendors and other info has been requested from Cobb County officials. Here is the Cobb Board of Commissioners Website and contact info. Cobb Board of Commissioners Website and contact info.

Also see the article Illegal alien lobby eating the elephant one bite at a time.



Sign, 100% in Spanish, explaining road closure and detours for American Labor Day holiday 10K race. There was no English language sign. Location: Highway 41, at the well-known local landmark, The Big Chicken.


Vendor booth at Health Fiesta & Job Fair


Vendor booth, Mortgage Company, offering 0% down Mortgage loans using ITIN & Mexican issued Matricula Consular as valid ID. Real, legal immigrants can access Social security numbers, and have no need for either.


Kingston Mortgage Inc. of Atlanta - another vendor that paid for a booth. Kingston Mortgage Inc. offers a mortgage loan with presentation of an ITIN and a Matricula Consular as valid identification.


Vendor booth in Cobb County GA.


Gym at Fair Oaks Recreation Center, Cobb County.


Cobb County Board of Health booth.


Vendor booth, El Banco De Nuestra Comunidad ("The Bank of our Community") taking digital ID photos of prospective account holders and loan applicants. "No credit history needed!"


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