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Because the U.S. Senate - Georgia Senators included - have so far refused to listen to the voice of the American people, the Dustin Inman Society staged a rally near Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss' office in Atlanta, and just miles from Senator Johnny Isakson's office on May 31, 2007. Many elected officials seem oblivious to the fact that President Bush has refused to secure American borders in a war on terror and most of the nation recognizes that we do not require more legislation to honor the Constitution or the oaths of office that our elected officials are bound to obey. Our rally was aimed at all U.S. Senators and the President of the United States.

With less than 48 hours of notice, we watched as more than 60 Americans of all shapes, sizes, colors and ethnicities came from all over Georgia to make their voice heard in the middle of the day.

Many in the media came to report on our effort while we sent our constant message: Secure our borders. The illegal immigration crisis did not occur overnight and cannot be solved overnight, we support the concept of attrition of illegal employers and illegal aliens using the enforcement of existing laws and an equal application of the American rule of law.

We are very proud that many real, legal immigrants who proudly held up their Green Cards came out to demand justice.

We all recognize that amnesty-again...under any name or cover.... is not the solution, as proved in the failed amnesty of more than twenty years ago. Illegal immigration should have stopped on 9/11. Sadly, no one believes that President Bush has the integrity to stop illegal immigration because of new legislation.

Securing our borders is not "trigger" for anything other than possible re-election.

We thank the many Americans who took a long lunch during a work week to send what we hope to be a clear message to our elected officials.

As Americans...WE ARE AMERICA!

See the article Protesters blast proposed immigration reform, by Brian Feagans, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 31, 2007

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