Rep. Jeff Jones to introduce revenue bill– tax-free

By D.A. KIng, Insider Advantage Georgia, September 26, 2016

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Rep. Jones has found a way to tap into the enormous amount of money that is sent out of Georgia every year without going anywhere near the Georgia economy– and the best news is that the majority of that money comes from drug dealers and illegal aliens!

Kudos to Brunswick’s Representative Jeff Jones for his coming bill to help strengthen the Georgia budget and increase the funds available for services to hardworking Georgians!

Jones is putting the finishing touches on proven-effective, well thought-out, commonsense legislation that will likely add around $30-$40 million a year to the state coffers - without a dime of a tax increase.

Rep. Jones has found a way to tap into the enormous amount of money that is sent out of Georgia every year with out going anywhere near the Georgia economy – and the best news is that the majority of that money comes from drug dealers and illegal aliens!

What is it? A small, 100% refundable fee on funds wired out of Georgia, that taxpayers can easily recoup on their state tax returns. In simple terms, it goes like this: Let’s say you wire $1000.00 to Aunt Martha in South Carolina to help with her upcoming surgery. When you send the helpful payment out, the wire service would add on a small extra fee (around 2%) – which you would get back when you file your tax return or a simple, short form explaining that you are not required to file a return because of low income.

The refundable fee would only be withheld for individuals, not for corporations.

The same fee would be added to the money that illegal drug dealers and victims of borders send out of Georgia. The government of Mexico alone received about $25 billion American dollars last year mostly from its citizens living here in the good old USA. That is more money than Mexico made on oil revenues. Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona. We don’t have figures on how many American dollars are sent out of Georgia by drug dealers, but Atlanta is a known terminus for that insidious organized crime.

The income for the state in this genius plan comes from the fact that the huge majority of illegal aliens and drug dealers do not file a tax return. Get it?

How do we know Mr. Jones brilliant idea will work? Because the same tax-free revenue source has brought millions into the state of Oklahoma since they began this system six years ago. Oklahoma tax officials say that 96 percent of the wire transfer fees are not used as income tax credits — so the great bulk of the funds are additional revenues to the state, all from people who do not pay their duly owed state income taxes.

In the bill language, all of the wire transfer agencies would end up cost-neutral or with a small profit in the refundable fee collection process. It won’t cost them anything either.

With far fewer illegals and drug dealers than Georgia, page 12 of the Annual Report of the Oklahoma Tax Commission shows receipts of $11,322,559 from this source in 2015. That's an increase of 7.8 percent from the prior year, which was, in turn, a 7 percent increase from the year before. Get it?

Hooray for Rep. Jeff Jones!

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