D.A. KING: Anti-Trump rioters, the evil payoff of eight years of Barack Obama: ‘Patriotism is racist’

By D.A. King, Cherokee tribune, November 17, 2016

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Maybe we have actually elected a president who truly loves America and Americans. That would be real change.

Oh, happy, happy day! Oh, glorious relief! The surprising results of last week’s presidential election mean the Founders’ republic has a chance of survival after all. The reign of Alinsky-ite Barack Hussein Obama will soon end.

Saul Alinsky admirer and global grifter Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be allowed to peddle favors from the Pennsylvania Avenue. And she will not be able to set up her own server in a White House residence bathroom closet. Or filch the silver. Good riddance to the Clintons.

With Donald Trump as president, maybe, just maybe — if we can overcome the open borders influence of Republican Speaker Paul Ryan — Americans will eventually see our borders secured and our immigration and employment laws enforced. But don’t bet on it.

Maybe we have actually elected a president who truly loves America and Americans. That would be real change.

For those who are not familiar with Saul Alinsky’s instructions on how to destroy the Unites States from within, be advised that he began his 1971 “Rules for Radicals” how-to book with a dedication to Satan. “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history … the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Donald Trump’s election gives us a clear and unmistakable look into the results of decades of “everybody gets a trophy,” Alinsky’s anti-Americanism in our schools and what eight years of fundamentally-transforming Marxism from Obama has done to the 20-somethings who were 12-ish when he was elected.

In the ongoing weeklong nationwide tantrum-riots from snarling gangs of brick-throwing liberal Millennials who have never been told “no,” we have seen the results of true, homegrown evil. Alinsky would be quite proud. Outraged at the outcome of Nov. 8, they are screaming in the streets that Trump — and the police — should be murdered.

Another placard at an anti-Trump street-scream reads “Rape Melania” — the future first lady.

All the while, these disgusting products of the Obama years wave placards in the faces of news cameras that exclaim “Stop the Hate!”

Taught that “racism” is anything they don’t agree with, there is no note of irony when “Confront Whiteness” and “*&@% White People” is scrawled in spray paint on buildings by the clueless demonstrators.

Safe at home and comfortably far away from their contemporaries who are dodging IEDs and bullets in foreign lands, angry “Trump is not my President” protesters around the country laughed for the cameras while they burned the Stars and Stripes — on Veterans Day.

Nearly a week after Hillary’s defeat, Monday’s election-riot photos brought an image of a well-dressed young Chicago woman marching in a howling crowd carrying a sign that reads “Patriotism is Racist.”

They are protesting Democracy.

Imagine the media reaction to any of this if it had happened after the presidential election eight years ago.

How spoiled are they? News reports from a the local NBC affiliate TV station show that more than 50 percent of the anti-Trump rioters arrested in Portland, Oregon, in the days following the election did not bother to vote. “A search of state election records was conducted by a Portland television station which reported that of the 112 protesters that were arrested, 69 of them could not be found to have turned in a ballot or were not registered to vote in the Beaver State,” says a Breitbart News report.

Many of the young and panicked have taken to wearing a safety pin as a symbol of their desperate need for a “safe place.” Their emblem choice is easily confused with a diaper pin. One of our favorite placards from these genius rebels without a clue reads “Deport Fashisom.”

Many glowing Trump voters — including this one — are wondering why so many liberals are now promising to move to Canada to escape the America they told us just weeks ago is “already great.” Um, why aren’t they migrating to Mexico?

The election of Donald Trump should be viewed as a national referendum on the liberalism and agenda of Barack Obama. He must leave the White House, and it can’t be soon enough. And he can keep his legacy. Just like Americans could keep their doctors.

Oh, happy day. After eight years of Obama, liberal tears taste so sweet.

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