Opinion: Compassion for children of illegal immigrants shouldn’t outweigh law

By D.A. KING, Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 8, 2016

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Given the lack of “mainstream media” coverage of this intentional and politically driven debacle, I triple-dog dare the AJC PolitiFact editors to challenge that statement.

D.A. King of Marietta is an anti-illegal immigration activist. He is president of the Dustin Inman Society, named for the Georgia teenager killed in 2000 when an illegal immigrant crashed into the Inman family’s car while it was stopped at a red light.

In this piece, King addresses the president of Agnes Scott and her support of students on her campus whose parents are undocumented immigrants. President Elizabeth Kiss’ column ran earlier this week on the Get Schooled blog. His point on students attending U.S. colleges under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA: “They are not merely children of illegals – they are illegals. If not, they wouldn’t need deferred action on deportation.”

By D.A. King

In her plea to continue to educate the illegal aliens to whom President Obama has illegally granted executive amnesty, Agnes Scott College President Elizabeth Kiss’ compassion is duly noted. We get it. She is an educated, caring and enlightened American whose family escaped the horror of the Nazis and totalitarian Communist oppression. And the students in question just want to be Americans.

We respectfully note that such a column by a college president would not be needed in Mexican newspapers as illegal aliens are not considered victims or given special privileges in that nation.

It is time for the left to invent a different “anything but-illegal” label – it is too much of a stretch to call the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals illegals “undocumented” when they have been rewarded with a Social Security number, a work permit bearing fingerprints and a driver’s license.

For curious readers, yes, illegal aliens in Georgia are being issued the same driver’s licenses issued to foreign diplomats and Mercedes-Benz executives. It does not note their still-illegal status, and they can use it to board airliners.

Many of us who speak out for an equal application of American law – even on immigration – share Kiss’ concern for some of these young people. But we take a dim view of holding them up as a negative example of the consequences of America’s borders and already liberal immigration laws.

Pandering politicians and the parental abuse perpetrated by foreign parents who recognized they could make more money if they lived in the United States caused this crisis of “to enforce the law or not enforce the law” – the American dream of Americans to preserve and protect a constitutional republic be damned.

Many of the seven billion people in the world would jump at the chance to make it over our borders illegally – or overstay a temporary visa – to set up a permanent home for their families here.

That reflection of human nature is being proven even now as a record annual number – more than in 2014 – of “children” and “family units” happily crossing our southern border illegally and rushing to report to the nearest demoralized Border Patrol Agent to take advantage of Obama’s “send them on” policy.

Given the lack of “mainstream media” coverage of this intentional and politically driven debacle, I triple-dog dare the AJC PolitiFact editors to challenge that statement.

There can be no permanent solution to the illegal status of these DACA-covered illegal aliens or any other part of our immigration crisis unless and until there is lawful action by the Executive Branch and Congress to make it clear to the world the United States can and will forever secure our borders, track visa departures and enforce all of our immigration laws – even if illegal aliens have children.

If we can find a Congress with the courage to pass genuinely “one-time,” narrow and honest legislation that can help allow some of the “Dreamers” who are in school now to have their illegal status removed, it should be done. They should never be granted American citizenship.

The concept that Obama’s 2012 re-election ploy and his illegal executive decree that is DACA should directly result in U.S. citizenship and voting rights for anyone is a non-starter for most fed-up Americans.

The rule of law and its equal application is what is supposed to set us apart from the people President Kiss’ family escaped.

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