Pictures of October 12, 2004 public education rally

On October 12, 2004 citizens held a public education rally in Doraville, Georgia. The La Raza funded "march for dignity and driver's licenses" by 800 or so illegal aliens and those who profit from them in Doraville Georgia included two Georgia state senators, Sam Zamarripa and Vincent Forte. As we constantly point out, to see who it is that encourages and assists illegal aliens, just follow the money.

Also in attendance, marching with his own driver's license, American citizen, head of GALEO and former MALDEF employee, Jerry Gonzalez. Jerry did not reply to my question when I asked - "Hey Jerry!, how much money did you make from assisting illegal aliens today?...Do they pay you by the illegal, or is it a salary?" We think Jerry is shy.

Read how the "march" looks through the eyes of the local bi-lingual propaganda sheet.

Many thanks to the committed Americans, including the real, legal immigrants that joined TAR in this public education rally of this travesty of American justice. We grow stronger each month.