The Dustin Inman Society participates in the National Protest Day on January 7, 2005

Because D.A. King had to be out of town for a speaking engagement, Billy and Kathy Inman (Dustin's parents) and other members and friends of The Dustin Inman Society, including Georgians for Immigration Reduction, organized our (planned at the last minute) effort to support the National Day of Protest against illegal immigration and the criminal employment of illegal labor on a corner here in Marietta, directly in front of one of the largest black market labor pick-up sites in the area.

Our group was about 20 Americans waving signs and banners demanding that existing laws be enforced on a very cold North Georgia morning. We received good news coverage, including repeating all-day, top of the hour radio taped reporting from the Atlanta metro area's largest radio station (thank you WSB radio!

The local Fox TV affiliate spent considerable time taping our event. While that station did run a segment on its 6:00 news Saturday, we are all puzzled as to why the editors chose to present to the viewer a only a short shot that showed only 4 of the 20 fed-up Americans present.

The 6th largest newspaper in the nation, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, did not cover our protest - again - despite having been sent a press release. (Note from D.A.: the AJC supports amnesty and is very clear on their agenda of support for illegal aliens in the U.S and Georgia.)

As opposition, our group was shouted at and demeaned by what were likely illegal aliens and their supporters - counter protesters who seemed upset and displayed that ever dependable standby symbol of illegal immigration and open borders... a very large Mexican flag.

A local Spanish language radio station QUE BUENA sent a crew out well after our start time to incite the permit lacking illegal alien-supporting demonstrators across the street. To them, we send a hearty VIVA LA MIGRA! - VIVA REPATRIATION!

Marietta police on the scene were forced to intervene several times with the un-American illegal alien supporting counter protesters. Thanks to MPD!

In short, while we had excellent response from passers by (several stopped and joined our group) the illegal aliens were pretty much business as usual in their lack of respect for American law and Americans who demand that it be enforced. There was a very definite and noticeable drop in the number of criminal contractors picking up illegal alien labor!! A great success!

Thanks to all who took time out of their Saturday on last minute notice to make their voices heard. More of the same very soon!

dak......Marietta, Occupied Georgiafornia




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