January 12, 2009 Dustin Inman Society press conference photos

Photos from the Dustin Inman Society's press conference at the Georgia state Capitol on January 12, 2009.

We are grateful to the many elected officials, including candidate for Governor and current Insurance/Fire Safety Commissioner John Oxendine - who took time from their busy day to attend and stand in support of our appeal for compliance with and enforcement of the 2006 Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act.

Special thanks to the newest member of the Dustin Inman Society Board of Advisors, Inger Eberhart, whose new position was announced before she spoke at the event. We welcome Inger to the DIS family and look forward to her input and assistance!

Ms. Eberhart's remarks from her prepared statement can be read here.

Here are two videos of the entire 15 minute event: