On the border - March and May, 2004


Potential day laborers being "oppressed"
by a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Terry Anderson on his birthday
100 ft. from the Mexican border.

D.A. King, Bill King, Richard Humphries,
Terry Anderson, at Mexican border.

D.A. King on Mexican border at Naco, Arizona.

Terry Anderson and Larry Vance
(American looking for a better life)
at Vance home on border

Terry Anderson, Richard Humphries,
D.A. King, near border.

U.S. - Mexico border, near Naco, AZ.

Smuggling staging area, just south of the
border near Naco.

Mexican citizens on a stroll just across the border
in 100 degree heat.

Two of Frank Sharry's future citizens just across
the Mexican border.

Illegal aliens near border. Photo by Henry Harvey.

Illegal aliens near border. Night vision photo by Henry Harvey.

Only a few get caught by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Water cache left for illegals in violation
of U.S. law. Note flag to guide illegals.

Water cache provided by American citizens for illegal aliens.

Headed for Atlanta to work in a pizzeria. The face of the invasion.
Also see immigration reform rally and anti-American open border protesters.