Prof. Navarro Book Signing Event at University of California, Riverside, December 11, 2008

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Photo report by anonymous contributor.

Professor Navarro has been organizing for and promoting the re-conquest of the Southwest.


UCR Professor Armando Navarro

In Spanish, it was announced, that speakers would address the audience in English.

UCR Professor Armando Navarro staged a book signing event in the UCR Humanities meeting room. About 100 were in attendance. Many were from the "community" according to Navarro. A table was set up where his book could be purchased.

UCR Meeting room

UCR Professor Armando Navarro

After an introduction by Dr. David Rodriquez, Chair of Chicana and Chicano Studies Department, California State University, Northridge, Navarro delivered a lecture.

UCR Professor Armando Navarro
Navarro repeatedly stated that the Southwest of the United States is "occupied Mexico." And that Mexicans are "coming home" when they "migrate" to this region. He referred to the Southwest as Atzlan.

About a dozen Brown Berets were posted outside of the meeting room.

Navarro said he combines theory with organizing as an activist political scientist. He said he has been an activist and organizing for "Chicanos" since the 1960s. He said his parents instilled a passionate love in him for his homeland, Mexico.

Navarro said his new book - his 5th book - is an "encyclopedia" a one-of-a-kind book on immigration. He said that everything he would reference in his lecture "is documented in my book."

Frequently during his lecture he advised that attendees purchase his book.

Brown Berets were posted outside of the UCR meeting room.

Brown Beret purchasing Navarro's book. The man's shirt, above, reads "Brown Berets".

Navarro said their community has suffered for 8 years under the Bush administration.

"Immigration is a global issue," he went on to say. "Masses are leaving home countries, from Asia, Russia, Latin America, seeking jobs by leaving poverty, social problems and political oppression."

"It is better to poor in America than to be poor in Mexico," he claimed.

Navarro said capitalism - globalism - is "not red,white and blue" or the color of a flag. It is dedicated to one thing only - "the color green, the dollar." When capitalism wants cheap labor - migrants are welcomed. When jobs are scarce - they "blame migrants and send them home."

Professor Rodriquez at left, Professor Navarro at right
Navarro predicted the economy is going to get much, much worse. "We have seen nothing yet. We are at a critical juncture," he said. " Prejudice and hate crimes will increase."

GREAT MEXICAN DEPORTATION NUMBER ONE He stated that a "liberal" president - Franklin Roosevelt - in the 1930s "deported 1/3 of the Mexican population." So with that example put forward, he said that "liberal" Obama may not benefit the migrant community.

GREAT MEXICAN DEPORTATION NUMBER TWO He then referenced President Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback." Millions of Mexicans were deported in the 1950s.

??GREAT MEXICAN DEPORTATION NUMBER THREE???? Navarro warned that, although he campaigned for Obama, there is no certainty Obama will help the "migrant" population and that there is no guarantee Obama will not authorize a third great wave of deportation of Mexicans.

When the lecture ended the moderator opened up the floor to questions, with many restrictions stated in regard to asking questions. When she ended her instructions and asked for questions, no one uttered a peep.

So I stood up.

I was seated on the front row. When I stood up, the Brown Berets flooded in through the door and began to snap photos.

I asked the question, "What can be done in MEXICO to help the MEXICAN PEOPLE so that they can remain home and have a Mexican dream in Mexico?"

Navarro thanked me for that question. And proceeded to explain to the audience, in lengthy detail - Mexico is run by a corrupt oligarchy and corrupt government.


Above, MMP National Rally Spokesman asked the final question.

Many hands went up to ask questions, during a limited amount of time. Five open border attendees asked questions.

There was a sense that there is no "organization" in their community. That they do not have appropriate elected representation. No direction. A white haired man posed his question in Spanish. Apparently, this community highly dislikes incoming Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

A young man in a shirt that read "Mexican Power" berated Navarro. He said "this whole thing you are doing here is Anglo. This meeting, this college." He was angry and said they need a new direction. Not Anglo.

Navarro - to a degree - agreed with his frustration. And said the answer is that their community must organize.

"If Obama doesn't produce," Navarro said, "Perhaps it will open the door to the rebirth to a new progressive party."

MMP National Rally Spokesman was allowed to pose the final question. Herrera is well known in the Spanish speaking community from his many Spanish TV appearances, so the crowd booed him when he stood up.

Navarro told the crowd to let him speak.

Herrera said that "all newcomers to a country" are held in suspicion - that is nothing peculiar to the United States. He then went on to say that leaders - many in that very room - should return to Mexico and LEAD in Mexico.