May 6, 2004 public education rally at Atlanta MALDEF fundraiser banquet - chaired by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper

Citizens held a public education rally at the MALDEF fundraiser banquet in Atlanta on May 6, 2004. In reality, it was a fund raiser - which are held all over the nation. (See MALDEF's calendar and the Hispanic Events calendar).

The public education rally was a great success, and we were told that because we had gathered in front of the hotel where the event was held, that the MALDEF attendees entered from the rear of the building, and avoided us (and valet parking) by parking their own cars. (See this article for further discussion of MALDEF and the public education rally).

Many thanks to all who took the afternoon out of their lives to lend support.















Joe Guzzardi, California writer, Jim Daws, America First Radio, D.A. King



Citizens protested the un-American MALDEF* annual awards banquet in Atlanta on May 6, 2004.

[* Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund,
Never heard of them? They have heard of you! They openly work to violate your laws. Click here to see their instruction guide for convincing state governments to reward illegal aliens with driver's licenses.]

There is no more un-American organization in the nation than MALDEF. Here is a group that openly advocates for, assists, enables and encourages illegal aliens and the ongoing invasion of our country. They are having a celebration to honor the criminals who do the best job of assisting illegal aliens. We are going to greet them as they arrive. Join us!

MALDEF spends the large majority of its time, and its $14 million net assets in the effort to continue to build the "nation within a nation" that is the stated goal of the illegal alien lobby in our country.

Teacher/writer and American patriot, Mr. Joe Guzzardi came from California to join us.

Here is what Mr. Joseph Fallon writes about MALDEF. [From www.TheSocialContract with permission]

  • "...MALDEF has redirected much of its effort to bilingual and bicultural education - i.e., promotion of the Spanish language and "Hispanic" propaganda - and immigration - i.e., promotion of massive "Hispanic" immigration in opposition to the wishes of the majority of U.S. citizens. Among some of its actions:
  • MALDEF supported the plaintiffs in "Lau v. Nichols." The ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court requiring non-English speaking students to be taught in English or "other adequate instructional procedures" was successfully misinterpreted by MALDEF to mean education in languages other than English.
  • MALDEF sought to amend the "Bilingual Education Act" so general instruction could be conducted in languages other than English and bicultural programs could be included in the education.
  • MALDEF litigated for free public education for the children of illegal aliens that successfully culminated in the 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision in "Plyer v. Doe."
  • MALDEF opposed California Proposition 187 that denied illegal aliens free social and welfare services and filed a class action lawsuit "challenging its every provision."
  • Some individuals associated with MALDEF have demanded that U.S. citizenship be eliminated as a requirement to vote.
  • MALDEF sought and received legal status to naturalize immigrants.
  • MALDEF successfully lobbied for passage of the "motor-voter" bill of 1993 that allows voter registration at welfare offices or when applying for a drivers' license; mandates mail-in voter registration and discourages States from verifying the applicant's eligibility or citizenship.
  • MALDEF opposes immigration reform.
  • MALDEF opposes securing the Mexican border even to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S. When the Federal government launched "Joint Task Force Six" to combat drug smuggling along the border, MALDEF filed suit to halt the project arguing in court that "it would cause irreparable damage to the human and physical environment in the area." What of the irreparable damage being done to the human and environment due to illegal aliens and drug smugglers? On that question, MALDEF is silent.

What is MALDEF's goal? According to Mario Obeldo, former head of MALDEF, "California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who does not like it should leave." In 1998, Obledo was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Clinton.

MALDEF obtains the funding to support its activities primarily from corporations in particular AT&T and IBM, and philanthropic foundations. For the period 1991-1995, the total amount of "gifts, grants and contributions" to MALDEF was over $17 million. Between 1996 and 1998, MALDEF received over nine million dollars from just three foundations the vast majority, over six million dollars from the ford foundation, $1,200,000 from Carnegie Corporation, and another $1,525,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation.

For the two-year period, 1995-1996, MALDEF paid a total of $720,992 in "compensation of officers, directors, etc.." But paid $4,021,363 in "other salaries and wages". For the MALDEF 2002 /2003 financial report, click here.