September 16, 2004 protest at illegal Drivers License march in Atlanta

Citizens held a public education rally On September 16, 2004, a "march" was held at the Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia, by a group calling itself ESTAMOS UNIDOS ["WE ARE UNITED"], and The Hispanic Services Foundation [a for profit company] to demand driverís licenses for illegal aliens.

Citizens held a public education rally regarding march directly across the street from the gang of illegals and their enablers.

By the end of the day, there were an estimated 800-1,000 illegal aliens and those who profit from them openly congregated on the steps of the Georgia capitol. There were no apprehensions by the BICE [formerly INS] agents, although BICE was informed of the event and was encouraged to carry out its sworn duty. (See USC Title 8, section 1324.)

Listen to audio of the protest, courtesy America First Radio. The audio includes an on-the-scene interview with D.A. King.