Photos of Vicente Fox, Robert Pastor and Juan Hernandez at Georgia's Kennesaw State University discussing a borderless continent May 12, 2009

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox addressed the inaugural summit of the Commission for North American Prosperity also referred to as North America 2050 May 12, 2009 at KSU

"My dream is that there will be no borders." - Vicente Fox at KSU

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On May 12, 2009, Vicente Fox, Robert Pastor, Juan Hernandez and other conspirators were hosted by Georgia's Kennesaw State University while they presented panel discussions calling for a repeat of the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens and creating a borderless continent with the free flow of people using the European Union as a model. The sparsely attended event provided great insight for Americans in attendance who were not aware of the open borders agenda.

Good coverage by the Marietta Daily Journal HERE but the reporter left out an important quote from Fox from that day: "It is my dream that there will be no borders".

At the event, questions from attendees to speakers were required to be written and were screened by the panel moderators. One of the moderators was Tisha Tallman, who was head of the Atlanta office of MALDEF when we passed the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act in 2006. MALDEF has since folded its subversive tent in Georgia and migrated out of the state.