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Corporate Board of Advisors


Established in 1982, the Corporate Board of Advisors (CBA) is made up of senior executives from 25 major corporations, as well as liaison staff from each company. The CBA meets twice a year, and presentations and discussions keep the CBA updated on NCLR's activities and provide opportunities for dialogue and decision-making about issues and programs of common concern. Throughout the year NCLR benefits from advice and assistance from these closest corporate associates. CBA members also assist NCLR and its network through financial, in-kind, and programmatic support.


Al Bru, President and CEO, Frito-Lay North America

Principal Members

Peter Debreceny, Vice President, Corporate Relations, Allstate Insurance Company

Sue Oliver, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, American Airlines

Connie Weaver, Executive Vice President, Public Relations, AT&T

Deval L. Patrick, Executive VP, General Counsel, Secretary, The Coca Cola Company

Hugo Patiño, Vice President, Research and Development, Coors Brewing Company

Jim Padilla, President, North American Operations, Ford Motor Company

Peter J. Capell, Senior Vice President and President, Big G Division, General Mills

Roderick D. Gillum, VP Corp. Relations and Diversity, General Motors Corporation

Wynn Watkins, Sr. VP, Director of Community and Public Affairs, J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

Russ Deyo, Corporate Vice President and Executive Committee Member, Johnson and Johnson

Terry M. Faulk, Senior. Vice President, Human Resources, Kraft Foods, Inc.

Joseph B. Gleason, Managing Director, Manning, Selvage and Lee

James Kallstrom, Senior Executive Vice President, MBNA America Bank, NA

Jim Johannesen, U.S. Senior Vice President, Cheif Support Officer, McDonald's Corporation

Charlotte Frank, Vice President, Research and Development, The McGraw-Hill Companies

Mike Jones, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Miller Brewing Company

Sharon C. Taylor, Sernior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, Prudential Financial

Mary Jane Hall, Senior Vice President, HR for Control Systems, Rockwell Automation

Barbara Cowden, Executive Vice President, State Farm Insurance Campanies

Kathy Bushkin, President, Time Warner Foundation

Jovita Carranza , Vice President of Air Operations, United Parcel Service

Katherine Brown, Senior VP, Public Policy Development, Verizon Communications

Jay Allen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Natalie L. Belisle, Communications Consultant, Corporate Relations, Allstate Insurance Company

Lourdes Hassler, Manager, U.S. Latin America and Development, American Airlines

Marie Long, Vice President, Constituency Relations, AT&T

Alfred J. Argüello, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Luddy Hayden, Federal Relations Representative, Chevron Corporation

Ana Duarte McCarthy, Director of Global Workforce Diversity, CitiGroup

Rudy Beserra, Vice President, Corporate Latin Affairs Department, The Coca-Cola Company

Olga García, Corporate Relations Manager, Coors Brewing Company

Raquel Egusquiza, Director, Community Development, Ford Motor Company Fund

CeLois J. Steele, Senior Manager, Multicultural Community Relations, General Mills

Orlando Padilla, Director Public Policy Center, General Motors Corporation

Vicki Lynn Cartwright, Women's and Multicultural Events, J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

José Sosa, Director, State Government Affairs, Johnson and Johnson

Carlos Abrams-Rivera, Business Director, External Development, Kraft Foods North America

Rudy Mendez, Vice President, Diversity Affairs, McDonald's Corporation

Luis Viada, Managing Director, Global Development,The McGraw-Hill Companies

José R. Ruano, Manager Corporate Relations, Miller Brewing Company

David Gonzales, Vice President, Community Affairs, PepsiCo, Inc.

Ron Harrison, Retired Senior Vice President, PepsiCo, Inc.

René O. Deida, Program Officer, The Prudential Foundation

Christine G. Rodríguez, Vice President, State and Community Relations, Rockwell Automation

Art Ruiz, Federal Affairs Director, State Farm Insurance Companies

Luis Castro, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Time Warner

Gerri Warren-Merrick, Vice President, Community Relations, Time Warner

Bernard Collins, United Parcel Service

Fred Fernández, Director, Corporate Relations, United Parcel Service

Emilio Gonzalez, Director, Public Policy and Strategic Alliances, Verizon Communications

José "Pepe" Estrada, Director, Hispanic Markets, Diversity Relations, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Delia Garcia, Director of Diversity, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.