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See our Mission statement and information about what The Dustin Inman Society does.

The Dustin Inman Society was formed with personal funds. Those funds are now fully depleted. I am sorry to say that we need financial help to continue our efforts. We do not receive contributions from any other organizations and are completely independent.

I believe unless we as citizens - and legal residents - of Georgia do everything we can to demand that our borders be secured and our laws enforced we will lose the rule of law upon which our nation was founded.

Simply put, if we do not enforce our borders, we have no borders and if we have no borders we have no nation. Georgia is changing before our eyes because the federal government has refused to protect us.

Much of the media and the illegal alien lobby are tireless in their attempts to paint anyone who says as much out loud as somehow "racist" or "extremist". No reasonable person can look around and say that illegal immigration has a positive effect on our nation or on the state of Georgia.

I do not believe it to be somehow "un-American" to insist that the law be equally applied. Even for illegal aliens and their employers.

We are against another amnesty for illegal aliens.

Our friends and allies include real, legal immigrants and Americans of all descriptions.

We are grateful for the recent donations from people who recognize that The Dustin Inman Society is having a positive effect in Georgia, and we are now reluctantly asking for your financial help.

The illegal alien lobby in Georgia - spearheaded by former state senator Sam Zamarripa - is well connected and funded, with such American luminaries as Jane Fonda as "friends" and donors. Please see the list of donors to his non-profit organization aimed at fighting any and all attempts to discourage illegal immigration into Georgia.

Please know that former Senator Zamarripa sits on the national board of MALDEF, one of our nation's most aggressive proponents of illegal immigration. See their donors and finance information.

We are fighting a multi-million dollar a year effort to insure that our borders remain unsecured and that our laws continue to be ignored.

The Dustin Inman Society was granted 501(c)(4) non-profit status by the IRS - which means that your donations are NOT tax deductible.

I am extremely uncomfortable asking for money, but again, we have reached the point at which we will be unable to offer any opposition to the illegal alien lobby without your help.

If you can help, please send contributions to:

The Dustin Inman Society
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Fax 770 427 9998

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Thank you if you can help us continue.

D.A. King

See our Mission statement and information about what The Dustin Inman Society does.