January 2, 2020

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp falling short on immigration promises – D.A. King Letter to the editor in the Savannah Morning News today

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Letters to the editor

January 2, 2020


Gov Brian Kemp. Image: The Resurgent


Kemp falling short on immigration promises

The “Our View” editorial published Dec. 20 praising Gov. Brian Kemp for his business-first approach to governing and further enhancing the climate for corporate profit neglected to note the tradeoffs he has made. Or the trusting conservative voters he has betrayed. Or the campaign promises he has ignored.

Illegal immigration seems to have dropped off of the governor’s radar since Election Day, 2018. The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute says Georgia is home to more “undocumented workers” than green card holders. DHS says we host more illegals than Arizona.

This, despite state laws passed nearly every year since 2006 to make Georgia inhospitable to illegal immigration. The regulations in place, including the state’s the E-Verify laws, would serve the intended purpose if they were actually enforced — or even noted by Gov. Kemp.

Georgians should realize that most illegal immigration is a direct result of illegal employment and must be recognized as the organized crime that it is. Kemp is silent on the entire issue. “Business friendly” is a term that is counter to “pro-enforcement” on immigration.

Conservative voters who can remember back to the summer of 2018 may recall “Brian Kemp’s Track and Deport Plan” which was an extremely detailed campaign promise aimed at illegal aliens who commit additional crimes. “As governor, conservative businessman Brian Kemp will create a comprehensive database to track criminal aliens in Georgia. He will also update Georgia law to streamline deportations from our jails and prisons” went the pledge. We challenge readers to find any mention of any of this from the governor — or the Georgia media — since he was elected.

All this is yet another brilliant example of “silence is consent” and will continue until GOP voters find the courage to challenge the governor and the business lobby that has taken over the Gold Dome.

D.A. King, Marietta


June 17, 2019

Retired Immigration Enforcement Agent Sends a Letter To Governor Brian Kemp On Appointing a GALEO Pal To State Office #JohnKing

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The below letter was copied here today. I added a link to more information. – dak


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – photo, Facebook


June 17, 2019

Governor Kemp,

I am Robert M. Trent, Senior Special Agent, USINS (Ret.). My final assignment was at the U.S. Immigration Officers Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA. . I served as the Assistant Director for Enforcement Training.

Having spent most of my life fighting for public safety through enforcement of our immigration laws, I am shocked and extremely disappointed to learn that in your recent appointment of John King to Insurance Commissioner, you have chosen to elevate a friend of the notorious GALEO organization to a position of power in our state government. John King has served as a valuable assistant in GALEO’s fundraising.

GALEO’s Executive Director, Jerry Gonzalez is giddy in his excitement over King’s appointment and boasting of the friendship and connection with your choice for an appointment to constitutional office. Like most conservatives, we expected to this happen only after the Democrats gained control of our state government.

I have also just learned that you have lent your own prestige to a GALEO fundraiser with your attendance in the past.

Left, Insurance Commissioner appointee John King with GALEO Executive director Jerry Gonzalez. Image: Facebook, GALEO.org

GALEO is shamelessly dedicated to stopping enforcement of the immigration laws I swore to uphold and has a verified history of opposition to literally every tenant of commonsense policy that conservatives elected you to implement. If you have even mentioned illegal immigration since you took office it hasn’t filtered down to our attention here in South Georgia.

Like many of my friends and colleagues, I am outraged beyond the words I send you today. This appointment and your association with GALEO is a memorable mistake on your part and it is obviously far away from your campaign promises on illegal immigration in Georgia.

GALEO is a clear enemy of enforcement. John King is an active friend of GALEO. My own opinion of you as governor has been greatly and permanently diminished.

Robert M. Trent
**** ***** **
Saint Mary’s, GA 31558

May 7, 2019

Letter to Governor Brian Kemp from Union County Sheriff Mack Mason in opposition to GALEO’s Dax Lopez as Superior Court Judge

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The below letter was copied to us today.


October 10, 2018

Brian Kemp silent on allowing voters to decide on official English – voters should ask questions

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Brian Kemp silent on allowing voters to decide on official English

Pro-English voters should ask questions 


A December 2015 Rosetta Stone poll showed that a bipartisan 76% of Georgians support making English Georgia’s constitutional official language. The idea is English as official, not “English only” as goes the portrayal by dishonest opponents.

Policy differences for candidates in the race for Georgia governor may not extend to allowing Georgia voters to decide if the state constitution should be amended to make English the official language of government.

According to an AJC report last week, Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams promised to oppose constitutional official English in the General Assembly as governor and boasted of fighting against allowing voters to answer a ballot question when she was in the legislature.

We thought it surprising that the AJC did not include a quote or position from Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp on the voter-popular issue, so last Wednesday we sent a policy question and request for a quote to the Kemp campaign.

Brian Kemp – photo, Facebook


 “Do you support allowing Georgia voters to decide on a ballot question that would amend the state constitution to make English the official language of Georgia government and which would end current practice of offering the written road rules portion of the DDS drivers license exam in (eleven) foreign languages?

 If so, will you use the power of the governor’s office to promote that cause for the 2020 election?”

 A week later, we have not received a response from candidate Kemp. Maybe curious voters will ask him.

All concerned should be aware that Georgia has a 1996 statute in place that makes English the official language, but it also says officials can ignore that directive:

“State agencies, counties, municipal corporations, and political subdivisions of this state are authorized to use or to print official documents and forms in languages other than the official language, at the discretion of their governing authorities.”

The concept of allowing voters to have a voice on the matter is quite popular in the Georgia senate. Introduced by state Senator Josh McKoon, in 2016 SR 675  passed the Georgia senate with every Republican member voting “YEA.” It was not allowed a vote on the House floor.

McKoon’s Resolution created a ballot question voters would have considered that year which read:

Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that English is the official language of the State of Georgia?”

 All persons desiring to vote in favor of ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “Yes.”

 All persons desiring to vote against ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “No.” 

 If such amendment shall be ratified as provided in said Paragraph of the Constitution, it shall become a part of the Constitution of this state.”

 Most conservatives would like to have the chance to answer that question in November, 2020.

 Readers who are not closely involved in Gold Dome politics are likely asking why they have not already been permitted to vote on making official English part of the state constitution. It helps to know that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce are vehemently opposed to that idea.

It may also help to know that in metro-Atlanta’s DeKalb School District alone, administrators are dealing with students from 180 different countries who speak 140 different languages.

Without a constitutional mandate that English is the official language of government, readers can make their own predictions on how long it is before the angry marches in the streets begin with the demand that government in Georgia accommodate every imaginable language with the cry that “diversity is our strength.”

It seems like something a Republican candidate for Georgia governor would comment on. Comprende?

D.A. King of Marietta is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society.




















October 6, 2016

Don’t speak English but want to register to vote in Georgia? No problem! Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp has spent tax dollars on instructive foreign language videos!

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As we noted HERE, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp ( Capitol office phone 404-656-2881 ) is producing foreign language videos to assist non-English speakers in voter registration. Kemp has released four new video tutorials on voter registration and absentee balloting – in English, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese. See HERE for the entire taxpayer-funded video collection.


Kemp video

Press release: Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp unveils foreign-language video to instruct non-English speakers on voter registration

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Media release from the Georgia SOS office ( HERE )

SOS Brian Kemp’s office phone: 404-656-2881

You can see one of the videos described below HERE.


October 5, 2016

SOS Brian Kemp – photo, Facebook


ATLANTA, GA – Today Secretary of State Brian Kemp unveiled the first of four new video tutorials in English, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese on voter registration, absentee voting by mail, advance in-person voting, and Election Day voting. Kemp encourages Georgians to take advantage of these tutorials with only seven days left until the voter registration deadline and absentee voting by mail already underway for the November General Election.

“I want every eligible Georgian to have the information they need to take part in the electoral process,” stated Secretary Kemp. “These new resources will help voters who are non-English speakers know how to register to vote and prepare to cast their ballot.”

Secretary Kemp initiated this project to ensure every Georgian is informed on Election Day. Individuals can view the voter registration tutorials by visiting Secretary Kemp’s YouTube channel or the Elections Division’s website. All four tutorials will be available to Georgians by week’s end. Kemp will also work with minority advocacy groups to promote the videos in various communities across the state.

“In the Secretary of State’s office, we are dedicated to ensuring every Georgian has the opportunity to register to vote and allow their voice to be heard at the polls,” said Kemp.

Several important dates are fast approaching for eligible Georgian citizens who want to vote in the General Election on November 8, 2016.

The deadline to register to vote or update voter information is October 11, 2016. Georgia citizens can submit an electronic voter registration application using their Georgia driver’s license number or state-issued identification card number on several platforms: Online Voter Registration (OLVR), the free “GA SOS” mobile app for Apple and Android devices, and the recently announced “2VOTE” text messaging pilot project. Individuals can also mail in hard-copy voter registration applications to their county registrar to register to vote by the deadline.

“It has never been easier to register to vote in our state,” said Kemp. “For the first time in Georgia, voters can register to vote or update their information online, via text, or by using the office’s smartphone app.”

By October 11, voters should verify their voting information and, if necessary, update their record. The “My Voter Page” is a great resource to check your voter status, update your personal record, and view individualized voting information to prepare for November.

Absentee voting by mail began on September 20. As of today, 14,729 mail-in absentee ballots have been cast for races on the ballot this November. Advance in-person voting begins on October 17. Georgia law also requires the polls to be open on Saturday, October 29 in all 159 counties for Georgians to vote in the November contests.

In-person voting occurs on electronic voting equipment in Georgia. If you wish to cast a paper ballot, you must request an absentee ballot by November 4.

Georgia is not a “covered jurisdiction” under the federal Voting Rights Act to offer election information in other languages. Ballots and related election materials are printed in English.

Currently, there are over 6.5 million registered voters in the Peach State.

Brian Kemp has been Secretary of State since January 2010. Among the office’s wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with conducting secure, accessible, and fair elections, the registration of corporations, and the regulation of securities, charities, and professional license holders.

For more information about the office, visit our website at www.sos.ga.gov. Follow Secretary Kemp for agency news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

February 25, 2020

Former ICE Director Tom Homan condemns Gov. Brian Kemp

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Former ICE Director Tom Homan and D.A. King at Dustin Inman Society immigration forum. Photo: FetchYourNews.com



February 12, 2020

Former ICE Director Tom Homan condemns Gov. Kemp

ATLANTA, Ga – Gov. Brian Kemp received the proverbial earful from former ICE Director Tom Homan over his broken campaign promise to deal with illegal immigration in Georgia.

Homan was the keynote speaker at an event held by the Dustin Inman Society, titled “Honoring Immigrants: An Expert, Pro-Enforcement Conversation on Immigration.”

“Georgia’s the next California. You’ve got a governor over here that made promises to his constituents, whose been missing in action on that issue,” Homan told the room. “Keep your word and do the right thing. We’re not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. We’re asking you to support the enforcement of the nation’s laws.”

Homan told the room he spoke with a special agent about Kemp, who agreed that Georgia’s governor isn’t following through with his promise to curb illegal immigration.

Kemp’s campaign platform took a tough stance on immigration. He even released a “Track and Deport Plan,” where he promised to “create a comprehensive database to track criminal aliens in Georgia. He will also update Georgia law to streamline deportations from our jails and prisons.”

In 2019, Kemp dissolved a controversial Immigration Enforcement Review Board, which civil rights groups viewed as a harassment tool for anti-immigration groups.

“They talk the talk during the campaign, but they won’t walk the walk,” claimed Homan about most politicians. The only exception being President Donald Trump, who has taken decisive action to prevent illegal immigration in the states.

Homan encouraged attendees to call the governor and hold him accountable for his campaign promises.

Border crossings by the numbers
Trump declared a national emergency at the Southern Border on Feb. 15, 2019, because close to $1 million illegal crossings were occurring.

“72 percent of the crossings were either family units or children by themselves. Children under the age of 18 because of that humanitarian crisis, 50 to 60 percent of border patrol agents were no longer on the lines. They were changing diapers, making formula, making hospital runs,” said Homan.

According to the former ICE Director, the lack of agents on the border contributed to the 68,000 opioid deaths of Americans.

“Border is unprotected; drugs are going to flow. Many investigations clearly show criminal cartels in Mexico manage the entire northern Mexican border…They will get 100 to 150 family units, push them through one sector at one time and tie up all the border patrol assets in that area. Meanwhile, they’re moving the bad guys. The guys that don’t want to turn themselves in and claim asylum. [The cartels are] moving MS13 members and drugs over here,” Homan stated.

Doctors Without Borders reported that 31 percent of women crossing the border experienced some form of sexual assault during their journey.

“Children are dying. The cartel is making millions of dollars a year,” asserted Homan.

He also mentioned the decrease in illegal crossings, which are down 72 percent from the high in May 2019. Homan attributes this reduction directly to Trump and the actions that he has taken, including forcing Mexico to enforce its laws.

14,00 children were in American government custody because a criminal organization haul smuggled them across the border. 2,500 families have been separated. Also, the border patrol has saved 4,000 immigrant lives.

Mexico has reportedly removed 86,000 Central Americans this year.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol published online records pertaining to illegal immigration.

“In Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 To Date (TD), during the month of January, a total of 29,200 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border, compared to 32,857 in December and 33,514 in November. In FY19, a total of 851,508 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on [the] Southwest Border.”

Current numbers for 2020.

ICE Effectiveness
In an effort to clear up misunderstandings about ICE’s role in immigration and arrests, Homan said, “no one ripped a child out of their mother’s arms. It was zero tolerance, not family separation.”

ICE wanted to prosecute people who broke the law, and with zero tolerance, numbers dropped 26 percent in two weeks in the Rio Grande Valley. However, the president stopped the policy after receiving political push back.

Zero Tolerance did result in the separation of families because a child can’t go to the U.S. Marshall if the parent committed a crime.

Homan brought up sanctuary cities and how the policies put ICE agents in danger due to a false narrative that they arrest victims and witnesses.

“89.8 percent of ICE arrests were illegal in the United States and had a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges when arrested because they were locked up in a jail cell,” Homan asserted. “Victims and witnesses shouldn’t be afraid because we’re not looking for them, and we’re not arresting them. Criminal aliens are going to re-offend in the very community in which they live. The immigrant community.” Read the rest here.

February 20, 2020

Action needed to end sanctuary cities in Georgia – five minutes of your time *Brian Kemp

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Illegal aliens protest borders in Atlanta, January, 2016 – photo DIS

Phone calls and emails to four Georgia politicians needed!

The General Assembly is back in session and there are several common sense illegal-immigration related bills that I hope you will help us get passed. We will send out another alert listing them Monday, but today we are beginning the process of education on legislation that needs our immediate attention.  Today.

Georgia’s Anti-sanctuary Act – HB915

Republican Rep Phillip Singleton has introduced HB915 which is a bill that would require all jails in Georgia to honor ICE detainers. This is an end to sanctuary policies. There is much more to it and you should read about it here from Rep Singleton, but the title of the bill pretty much says it all. The bill has 19 co-sponsors. But it should have many more.

Believe it or not, this lifesaving pro-enforcement bill may not pass the Republican-controlled legislature in an election year. More on that next week.

Right now and tomorrow we need phone calls and emails to Gov Kemp, Speaker Ralston and the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee where the bill has been sent. In addition, I plead with you to contact your own Rep to ask that they sign on to HB 915.

Remember candidate Kemp’s “Big Truck?” You can read one of many letters to the editor about Gov Kemp and his silence on criminal aliens ‘Kemp’s broken campaign promise’ here.

It is hard for me to believe but I have come to realize that many pro-enforcement voters have forgotten that candidate Kemp promised us he would end sanctuary cities in Georgia during campaign in 2018. He hasn’t said a word about it or illegal immigration since then.

Below is a reminder about Gov Brian Kemp’s campaign promise in a short video from 2018.

If you are wondering why candidate Kemp didn’t use forever-sixteen Dustin Inman from right here in Georgia as an example of Americans killed by illegal aliens in his TV ad, join the club. We hope you ask him. I will.

1) Please call Gov Kemp’s office at 404-656-1776 and tell the nice young staffer that you want to leave a message for the governor. That message is simple:
“We are watching to see if you act on your campaign pledge on sanctuary cities and criminal aliens. We want you to start with public support for HB 915.”

–>WARNING: Governor Kemp has started a very arrogant “do not call me” policy (read about it here). If the staffer tells you that your message will not be delivered to the governor unless you send an emailed form, tell that staffer you will continue to call and that you are sending news of the refusal to take phone messages from voting Georgians to the Dustin Inman Society. Contact us at DA@TheDustinInmanSociety. org or leave a message on the DIS facebook page. Then call again. THEN…send in a note from the governor’s contact page form. Please (always) do both! It is important to keep the phones ringing.

2) Then – please call the office of the Speaker of the House, Rep David Ralston 404-656-5020 and leave a similar message with his staffer. – “We are watching to see if the Anti-Sanctuary Act, HB915 will see passage out of the house and we will want to know why if it doesn’t HB915 will save lives in Georgia by helping to deport criminal aliens.” Then, please send Speaker Ralston a follow up email. Email address here.

3) Then, repeat the process with the House Judiciary Chairman, Rep Barry Fleming – 404-656-5125. Then send him an email with the same message. Email address here.

4) Then, please repeat with your own Republican Rep. Contact info here. Do not waste time on Democrats.

This will take you about five minutes. Please do it today (now is good!) and tomorrow. Sanctuary for illegal aliens is madness. HB915 will save lives if the Republicans who rule us will allow it to become law. The life you save may be one of your own family members.

**Please know well-paid, corporate-funded lobbyists from the Marxist anti-borders lobby are working the halls of the state Capitol to see that this bill does not see the light of day. They are telling your state Representative that ending sanctuary city policies will make Georgia less safe! You can read about that here.

Please share this with your friends and family.

February 13, 2020

Former Acting ICE Director notes GA Gov Brian Kemp’s betrayal on illegal immigration: Fox and Friends Feb 8, 2020

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Fox and Friends link here.

and later that day…

Mr. Tom Homan and D.A. King on stage. Tom is holding the placard made to remind prose to remind Gov Kemp about his campaign promises on criminal aliens. #TrackandDeport” (states cannot deport anyone).

February 12, 2020

#Georgiafornia: Another letter to the editor on Gov. Brian Kemp’s defiance on criminal aliens – Marietta Daily Journal

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Dustin Inman Society


“There is a reason we quit the Georgia Republican Party — and it is centered around the fact that in a state with more illegal aliens than green card holders, illegal immigration has become a forbidden topic in an effort to court the fabled “suburban moderates” and Hispanics. This insulting and dangerous treachery is not going to drive conservative independent voters to the polls in November. Including us.”

#Georgiafornia: Another letter to the editor on Gov. Brian Kemp’s defiance on criminal aliens – Marietta Daily Journal.  Here.


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