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On December 8, 2007, the Dustin Inman Society hosted a community gathering to award Cobb County, Georgia Sheriff Neil Warren the first DIS ‘Sheriff of the Year’ award on Marietta Square here in Georgia.

Sheriff Warren is at present the only sheriff in Georgia to have taken advantage of the 1996 amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act section 287(g) which allows his office to expand its existing authority to help the federal government enforce U.S. immigration law.

Sheriff Warren is using a federal data base to screen all foreign born people for their immigration status who are arrested for committing additional crimes when they come through his jail. Many illegal aliens are now in deportation proceedings and illegals are migrating out of Cobb County.

The rally was well attended and we are grateful to the speakers that day who included Cobb County - and Atlanta Regional Commission - Chairman Sam Olens, Congressional Candidate and former aide to Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood, John Stone, former WSB TV investigative reporter and candidate for U.S. Senate (Georgia) Dale Cardwell, Author Phil Kent, and Dustin’s Dad, Billy Inman.

We are also extremely proud of and thankful to Georgia Congressman Dr. Phil Gingrey for sending his aide, Andrew Johnson to read a letter of thanks to the sheriff as well as the letter of thanks from Georgia Congressman Dr. Tom Price which was read to the more than 100 attendees on a Christmas shopping and activity filled Saturday.

Several elected officials were in attendance and the crowd also heard letters of appreciation for the sheriff’s attention to duty from Georgia state Senators John Wiles and Chip Rogers.

Sheriff Warren was visibly moved and quite modest in his remarks to acknowledge the award.

We look forward to holding similar gatherings in other counties around Georgia to express our admiration for other sheriffs who we understand are in the process of following Sheriff Warren’s leadership in using available federal tools to protect their citizens from the ravages of the crime of illegal immigration.

We note that sheriff Warren is proving the obvious:


Photos of the event below.


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