October 23, 2009

ICE link to 287 (g) MOAs

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ICE has links to each 287(g) Agreement. HERE

Authorities arrest 38 members of Mexicn drug cartel in metro Atlanta

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Authorities arrest 38 members of drug cartel in metro Atlanta

More than 300 people were arrested nationwide Wednesday, including 38 in metro Atlanta, in the largest-ever enforcement operation against a Mexican drug cartel, authorities said. — The operation dealt a severe blow to La Familia Michoacana, often called La Familia, a drug trafficking organization…


Marietta Daily Journal letter to the editor from MARIA LITLAND on Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren and use of 287 (g)

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Marietta Daily Journal
letter to the editor from MARIA LITLAND on Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren and use of 287 (g)

Sheriff thanked for use of 287(g) illegals program
October 21, 2009


The ACLU is un-American and as a group, they make me nauseous. I am an immigrant. That separates me from illegal aliens because I came to this wonderful country according to the immigration laws. I am constantly offended when I see illegal aliens and the anti-enforcement nuts who feed on them use the term “immigrant” when they try to smear good and brave Americans like Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren and all of the brave law enforcement officers in Cobb. People who are criminals should fear law enforcement!

I wanted to say a big public thank you to Sheriff Warren and our local deputies and police for risking their lives to equally enforce the law. Thank you to the Board of Commissioners for supporting the use of 287(g). Thank you to immigration activist D.A. King and the MDJ for educating us on what is going on in our community with the ACLU and GALEO and amnesty.

I also must wonder how, in the most diverse nation in the world, someone can “look foreign born,” as the ACLU has tried to say when they are busy smearing our brave police to further their sick, un-American idea of open borders. If you listen closely, you can hear their real argument: For our agenda, there is a group of people for whom the law should not apply – even drivers’ license laws that result in illegal drivers killing Americans on our roads when violated.

I am ecstatic to learn that this 287(g) program in Cobb has resulted in the removal of nearly 7,000 illegal aliens who didn’t get caught when they snuck across our borders. That means there are 7,000 less chances of them killing another American like young Dustin Inman, about 7,000 more chances for Americans and real immigrants to get a job and that our schools and hospitals are somewhat less strained. I was elated to see that Warren is sending even more deputies to be trained

I wish that the sheriff could go after the illegal employers who hire these criminals and cheat us out of wages and the English language in our own country.

If the ACLU is against the 287(g) program, it is something I will forever enthusiastically support. Not enforcing immigration laws in any community is simply a local amnesty.

A note on the ACLU: These folks are so out there on the far margins, they can’t see how their sick opposition to 287(g) has helped us come together in Cobb County to support the same great Americans they strive to smear and to resist the real hate and race-baiting they spread. For that, I thank them.

If it wasn’t for MDJ columnist D.A. King having the knowledge and courage to stand up to these nuts and educate us, we would not know the level of their real hatred of America. Please keep his columns coming. I share them with all of my friends and family.

God Bless America!

Maria Litland


Usual folks think illegals should be counted in U.S. Census

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Associated Press

Usual folks think illegals should be counted in U.S. Census

A coalition of black, Latino and Asian lawmakers on Thursday expressed opposition to a proposal that would require next year’s census forms to ask about the status of a person’s citizenship. — The House lawmakers criticized a proposal by Sens. David Vitter, R-La., and Bob Bennett, R-Utah, as a political ploy designed to discourage [illegal aliens] from participating…


Ethics complaint against the big bald ugly guy filed by Sam Zamarippa, Jerry Gonzalez and the GALEO crew dismissed

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Last year, the GALEO gang filed a comnplaint against me with the Georgia ethics commission on my lobbying at the Georgia Capitol and in Washington: it was dismissed last week. Posted below is a short news stoy from Insider advantage Georgia on the hearing. We are grateful to Mr. Dick Pettys for permission to re post. Insider Advantage is a subscription Website. HERE

Ethics Commission Postpones Decision On Whether Oxendine Received Illegal Contributions

(10/16/09) The State Ethics Commission has postponed a decision on whether Insurance Commissioner (and Republican gubernatorial candidate) John Oxendine’s campagn received illegal contributions.

On a 3-0 vote Thursday, the panel tabled the complaint until it receives responses from two west Georgia insurance companies and 10 Alabama-based political action committees.

The PACs contributed $120,000 to Oxendine’s gubernatorial campaign that came from the two insurers, which otherwise would have been proibited from contributing to elected officials who regulate their industry.

Oxendine returned the contributions last summer after the complaint was filed.

The commission dismissed a second complaint against Oxendine over the campaign’s purchase and use of a $37,000 campaign vehicle.

Tim Echols, the campaign manager, said the campaign was pleased with the dismissal of that charge and was confident the other would be dismissed “once the commission gets the information it seeks from other parties.”

He added, “Georgians are sick and tired of the negative attacks on John Oxendine. Every week one of John Oxendine’s opponents attempts a negative attack.”

In some other key decisions, the commission:

“…In some other key decisions, the commission:

* Dismissed a complaint against Derrick Dickey contending that the former Perdue staffer should have registered as a lobbyist when he was hired as a communications specialist to help promote so-called private cities legislation. Dickey since has registered as a lobbyist.

* Dismissed a complaint filed against anti-illegal immigration activist D.A. King by former state Sen. Sam Zamarripa. The complaint alleged that King had lobbied without registering during the 2006 and 2007 session.

King acknowledged that he did not register as a lobbyist until 2008, but added he had been speaking out earlier as a private citizen on the immigration issue. He also contended he had spent mostly his own money on his lobbying efforts. ( Note from D.A.- more on the dismissal and Sam and Jerry’s resulting unhappiness from the Spanish language “newspaper” translated from Babelfish HERE )

* Dismissed a complaint King filed against an attorney for the Mexican-American Legal and Education Fund for lobbying, allegedly without publicly displaying her lobbyist badge.

* Levied fines against Sen. Lester Jackson and former Sen. Regina Thomas for failing to file complete details on their finances. Both settled the complaints with plea agreements.

Thomas, a former Democratic senator, agreed to pay a $2,500 civil penalty from her personal funds, not unspent campaign funds. She admitted she failed to file a statement of her personal finances within the deadline after qualifying for re-election in 2005 and for not filing one at all the next year, even though it was required.

Jackson succeeded Thomas when she retired from the Senate to mount an unsuccessful run for Congress against John Barrow. Jackson admitted that he failed to file reports in June and December of last year related to his campaign as a member of the state House, which were required even though he was running for the state Senate.

He paid the $475 in late fees in February, but another $150 in late fees has accumulated since.

In the agreement the commission accepted Thursday, Jackson agrees to pay the new late fees and a $250 civil penalty from personal funds, not from his campaign.”

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October 22, 2009

Rasmussen Poll Shows Strong Support for Immigration Enforcement

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Rasmussen Poll Shows Strong Support for Immigration Enforcement
Updated Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 56% of Americans say that federal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration, and 64% believe that local law enforcement should conduct raids in places where illegal aliens gather to find work. Only 19% opposed the raids compared to 24% who opposed such raids back in April

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CNN Poll: 3 out of 4 want illegal immigration decreased

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CNN Poll: 3 out of 4 want illegal immigration decreased

CNN Political Ticker

WASHINGTON (CNN) – A new national poll indicates that nearly three-quarters of all Americans would like to see a decrease in the number of illegal immigrants in the country.

Seventy-three percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Thursday morning called for a drop in the number of illegal immigrants, with 22 percent saying the number should remain the same and just 3 percent stating that there should be an increase in the number of illegal immigrants. That 73 percent figure is the highest number since CNN started asking this question four years ago.

According to the poll, 37 percent want to see all illegal immigrants deported, also the highest number since the questions was first asked in 2006, and another 23 percent say that the number of illegal immigrants in the country should be decreased significantly.

“Support for deporting all illegal immigrants is highest among older Americans and people who live in rural areas. It’s highest in the South and Midwest and nearly as high in the Northeast, but only one in four Westerners think that all illegal immigrants should be deported,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted October 16-18, with 1,038 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The survey’s sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.


October 21, 2009

Shazamm! Who would ever have imagined! Alternative to detention doesn’t work, because illegal aliens don’t hang around for deportation proceedings!

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On its Web site, ICE boasts a 99 percent appearance rate in immigration court for participants in its restrictive Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP). Yet records maintained by private contractors that administer ISAP show they were “unable to locate” 18 percent of 6,373 illegal immigrants who passed through the program between 2004 and the end of January. Five percent were re-arrested by ICE, records show.

Those who absconded were simply “terminated” from ISAP and not included in ICE’s nearly perfect court attendance rate, which includes only “active” participants, the records show. Carl Rusnok, an ICE spokesman, confirmed ICE’s methodology in calculating the appearance rates, but did not answer questions about whether ICE’s data mislead the public.

Houston Chronicle

Flaws found in options for illegal alien detention

Nearly one in five suspected illegal [aliens] who went through an Immigration and Customs Enforcement intensive monitoring program absconded while under supervision during the past five years, newly disclosed records show…


Phoenix Business Journal

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Phoenix Business Journal

Survey shows strong support for immigration raids

Just under two-thirds of Americans want see more raids on businesses who hire illegal [aliens] and to see those illegal workers arrested. — A national survey conducted earlier this month by Rasmussen Reports found that 64 percent support police conducting surprise raids on businesses suspected of hiring illegal [aliens]…


October 20, 2009

Gerado E. (Jerry) Gonzalez (GALEO) lacks courage to post both sides of AJC “Pro and Con” commentary in today’s AJC –

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Entire AJC commentary HERE

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