December 7, 2017

Bill Torpy: Liberal AJC writer complains (again) about immigration enforcement – but he refuses to talk to Billy and Kathy Inman *UPDATED – Billy and Kathy Inman sent a letter about the below column, the AJC did not publish

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Who was Dustin Inman?

  • Letter below sent November 20, 2017 – it was not published.

Dear editor,

The AJC’s Bill Torpy has apparently chosen the crime of illegal immigration as a pet topic and constantly describes illegal aliens as “immigrants.” He also says illegals are ‘voiceless’ and is clearly against locking them up once they are captured.

 Not for the first time, I urge Mr. Torpy to come OTP to Woodstock and visit with what remains of our American family.

 In 2000, on Father’s Day weekend, an illegal alien killed our only child Dustin Inman and put my wife, Kathy, in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. That person had previous run-ins with Georgia police and was allowed to go free. He is hiding out in Mexico, unpunished, having escaped before local law enforcement could lock him up after killing our son.

 We can tell Mr. Torpy about being voiceless and who we think the victims really are in the illegal immigration mess.

Billy and Kathy Inman
Woodstock, Ga.


Atlanta Journal Constitution
November 20, 2017

Torpy at Large: Too bad Atlanta’s immigration hypocrisy isn’t illegal

Bill Torpy, photo AJC

Earlier this month, Mayor Kasim Reed boasted on his very active Twitter account that his town is immigrant friendly.

“Atlanta is proud to be a welcoming city,” he wrote. “Pleased to be a part of the Safe Cities Network offering legal representation for those individuals facing deportation.”

Fighting for the rights of immigrants is now an important battleground for Dems and progressives. Families are being torn apart through deportation. People who’ve lived and worked here for years suddenly disappear one day into a murky system that affords them few rights. And it’s President Donald Trump’s pet issue!

From a liberal standpoint, resistance is a noble fight. It’s standing up for the powerless.

So, it might come as a surprise that the city of Atlanta, that beacon of civil rights, that Sanctuary City Lite, is profiting greatly from Señor Trump’s roundup. (As it did from President Barack Obama’s roundup, as well.)

At any given time, the Atlanta City Detention Center in south downtown holds about 250 immigrants waiting to be booted from U.S. soil. The city receives $78 per each detained soul per night from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Multiply those numbers and that human suffering amounts to some real cash… MORE HERE

November 9, 2017

AJC editors delete the comments and turn off comment ability on Bill Torpy’s almost accurate anti-enforcement masterpiece today

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Bill Torpy, photo AJC

The liberal AJC posted a head-shaker column (it was in the hard copy too) by a writer named Bill Torpy at 6:00 AM today. We love the part where Torpy suggests that if an illegal alien waded across the Rio Grande, it might mean “his paperwork is messed up.” The AJC crew turned off comment ability about noon and you can see from the small box at the top that there were three comments already made. I breezed through reading two of them this morning.

This is the liberal AJC norm. Advocating for immigration enforcement is “anti-immigration.” How original.

Torpy clearly doesn’t know much about immigration, but he can Goggle the open borders Cato Institute. This isn’t his first try at anti-enforcement immigration commentary, his first one that I know of was even better. Via Twitter I have strongly urged the caring and oh-so-tolerant Mr. Torpy to go talk to Billy and Kathy Inman about immigration enforcement several times.

My friend Billy Inman posted a Tweet aimed at Torpy today too.


So far – no interest in American families that are forever separated by the crime of illegal immigration.

You may get a paywall, but here is the headline, link and first several paragraphs:

Torpy at Large: The real reason Casey Cagle is on Decatur’s case

by Bill Torpy – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Lt. Governor Casey Cagle this week again tore into Decatur, alleging that the liberal bastion is a hideaway — no, more like a sanctuary — for immigrants who have entered this country without legal permission.

Cagle filed a complaint with something called the Immigration Enforcement Review Board, a kangaroo court created by the state to give anti-immigration activist D.A. King something to do.

The Lt. Gov’s beef with the city is a Decatur police manual that says the cops aren’t supposed to turn over people to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unless there’s a judicial warrant to hold them.

In essence, Decatur is saying police will hang onto people they stop if they are wanted for something — an active warrant for fraud, burglary, not showing up to traffic court, etc. — but they won’t throw the person into the slammer on behalf of ICE simply if there’s a suspicion that they sneaked across the border without U.S. blessing.

Last year, Candidate Trump said he wanted to get rid of the “bad hombres” coming to our country, and Old Casey is deputizing himself in that roundup. In his correspondence, Cagle goes all law-and-order on this matter, talking about murders and dope dealing, and even sex cases.

Cagle’s complaint states that “sanctuary policies create sanctuaries for criminals,” and that he wants to “ensure that every criminal illegal alien encountered by our law enforcement officers is arrested, transferred to federal custody and deported.”

“Criminal illegal alien” might mean that an immigrant is peddling meth or gang banging. Or it might mean he’s a dude who waded across the Rio Grande, cuts your lawn and has his paperwork messed up…” HERE

July 20, 2017

Liberal @AJCeditor et al censored “illegal alien” to “illegal immigrant” in my letter to the editor

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Photo: AJC

The liberal AJC gang changed my letter before they printed it. I don’t write “illegal immigrant” – I call illegal aliens “illegal aliens” and used that term in my letter to the editor. So does the SOTUS, IRS, federal law, state law, federal appellate courts…you get the picture. What is really amusing, is that the AJC writer, Bill Torpy, mentioned in the below letter had used the term “illegal aliens” in the AJC column I wrote about.

You can send a letter to the editor : 

I wrote a short note of discontent and received a response with an explanation and apology. For which I am grateful.


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Readers Write: July 16 (2017)

Torpy’s column suffers from bad timing

Bill Torpy’s recent foray into the topic of immigration enforcement and amnesty met with some excruciatingly bad timing “Nuanced views on immigration? No way!,” News, July 9.

He wrote three more-noble-than-thou tear-jerkers about a Marietta illegal immigrant church deacon and his illegal immigrant wife (both apparently with 19-year-old deportation orders) being taken into custody by ICE for deportation. Before the ink was dry, we saw news stories about an illegal immigrant being captured and charged after an attack that involved the rape of a mother while her young son looked on. The attackers also threw boiling water on the helpless woman. Then an obviously deranged illegal immigrant in Gwinnett has been charged with stabbing her husband and her children to death.

Then it was illegal immigrant prostitutes in Canton. And then it was illegal immigrant meth dealers with illegal weapons in Gainesville. A busy two weeks in “looking for a better life.”

Torpy also takes note of the 1986 “one-time” Republican immigration amnesty and pushes for a repeat. We can’t help but wonder how often he thinks we should conduct “one-time” amnesties for victims of borders. Or if American borders and immigration laws will be allowed to apply to “church deacons.”