February 8, 2018

The liberal AJC and Jeremy Redmon on illegal immigration: Inaccurate by omission – again. Tells readers “young immigrants” require amnesty

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photo: AJC

The liberal AJC and Jeremy Redmon on illegal immigration: Inaccurate by omission – again

Tells readers “young immigrants” require amnesty

A recent AJC ‘news’ story intended to re-educate readers on illegal immigration and amnesty (‘Five things to know about DACA amid federal government shutdown debate’) is typical of the product from the agenda-driven leftist editors at the liberal newspaper. Written by ‘Institute for Justice and Journalism on Immigration Reporting’ – trained immigration reporter Jeremy Redmon, the piece ignored the fact that only illegal aliens have a need for Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty.

“Last year, the Trump administration announced it was phasing out DACA, which temporarily shields from deportation young immigrants who were brought here as children”

The word ‘illegal’ is not mentioned anywhere in the story. (Note to AJC leadership: We saved the screen shot for when/if you make un-noted changes to online copy)

It must come as an alarming shock to real immigrants that they apparently need amnesty for their children when they bring them to the USA.

This is from the same “journalists” who describe the illegal alien lobby as “civil rights advocates” and leave out the word “temporary” in the headline on a weeper about ending TPS for Salvadorans. They have an aversion to the word “illegal.”

The intentional – and shameless – omission is part of the ongoing AJC open borders propaganda program and makes the entire report inaccurate and serves to blur the line between real, legal immigrants and the illegal alien victims of borders who scream in our streets that they will never obey our laws. But that was exactly the intent.

Credible. Compelling. Complete.” Indeed.


Illegal aliens protest borders in Atlanta, January, 2016 – photo DIS