February 5, 2018

Georgia state Rep Bee Nguyen, (D-Atlanta), sounds like quite a hater! @BeeForGeorgia #AntiEnglish

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January 2018 press conference in which Democrat legislators oppose allowing Georgians to vote on amending the state constitution to make English the official language of government

Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon has sponsored a Resolution that would allow all Georgia voters to decide on a ballot question in November asking if the state constitution should be amended to make English our official language of government. Pretty radical stuff, eh? The “tolerant” Dems are having a hate attack over that possibility. Including Rep Bee Nguyen, who seems like an arrogant hater. So do Brent Jorgensen and Pam Parker.

The below is part of the AJC Political Insider blog today.

“Politicians, beware. Your “favorites” can also come back to haunt you. Last week, state Rep. Bee Nguyen, D-Atlanta, clicked “like” on a Tweet that attacked state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, over his proposed constitutional amendment to make English the official language of Georgia. (It already is that by statute.) The Tweet in question was rather person(al):

“He needs to focus losing weight. Heart attack. Oh good. Don’t lose weight. Hate him.”
Nguyen didn’t respond to a text message seeking comment, but she has since “un-liked” the message.”