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Bill Torpy: Liberal AJC writer complains (again) about immigration enforcement – but he refuses to talk to Billy and Kathy Inman *UPDATED – Billy and Kathy Inman sent a letter about the below column, the AJC did not publish

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Dear editor,

The AJC’s Bill Torpy has apparently chosen the crime of illegal immigration as a pet topic and constantly describes illegal aliens as “immigrants.” He also says illegals are ‘voiceless’ and is clearly against locking them up once they are captured.

 Not for the first time, I urge Mr. Torpy to come OTP to Woodstock and visit with what remains of our American family.

 In 2000, on Father’s Day weekend, an illegal alien killed our only child Dustin Inman and put my wife, Kathy, in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. That person had previous run-ins with Georgia police and was allowed to go free. He is hiding out in Mexico, unpunished, having escaped before local law enforcement could lock him up after killing our son.

 We can tell Mr. Torpy about being voiceless and who we think the victims really are in the illegal immigration mess.

Billy and Kathy Inman
Woodstock, Ga.


Atlanta Journal Constitution
November 20, 2017

Torpy at Large: Too bad Atlanta’s immigration hypocrisy isn’t illegal


Bill Torpy, photo AJC

Earlier this month, Mayor Kasim Reed boasted on his very active Twitter account that his town is immigrant friendly.

“Atlanta is proud to be a welcoming city,” he wrote. “Pleased to be a part of the Safe Cities Network offering legal representation for those individuals facing deportation.”

Fighting for the rights of immigrants is now an important battleground for Dems and progressives. Families are being torn apart through deportation. People who’ve lived and worked here for years suddenly disappear one day into a murky system that affords them few rights. And it’s President Donald Trump’s pet issue!

From a liberal standpoint, resistance is a noble fight. It’s standing up for the powerless.

So, it might come as a surprise that the city of Atlanta, that beacon of civil rights, that Sanctuary City Lite, is profiting greatly from Señor Trump’s roundup. (As it did from President Barack Obama’s roundup, as well.)

At any given time, the Atlanta City Detention Center in south downtown holds about 250 immigrants waiting to be booted from U.S. soil. The city receives $78 per each detained soul per night from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Multiply those numbers and that human suffering amounts to some real cash… MORE HERE [3]