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DDS – Georgiafornia trails California in number of foreign languages used for drivers license exam – but only by three


Image of drivers license issued to legal immigrants, guest workers and to illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation in Georgia – DDS


In Georgia, the Department of Drivers Services accommodates eleven (11) foreign languages [2] for the road rules written exam.

California does the same, but uses fourteen (14) foreign languages [3] (is there really such a thing as a “foreign language” in California?).

We predict that the people who really run Georgia [4] will soon catch up and eventually out-do California. ICYMI, Georgia has passed the fifty thousand marker on the number of drivers licenses and/or official photo ID Cards it has issued to illegal aliens who have deferred action on deportation.  [5]

Georgia gives these happy deferred action illegal aliens the exact same drivers license we give to real immigrants and Mercedes Benz executives. Even California has a notably different drivers license [6] for the formerly “undocumented.”

Mexico does not issue drivers licenses to any illegal aliens [7]. When the Democrats were last in power in Georgia, illegal aliens could not legally obtain a Georgia drivers license.