November 9, 2017

Billy and Kathy Inman send a letter to the editor: “Dear Decaturish – and AJC spread ‘baseless smear’ about Dustin Inman Society”

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Photo: Billy and kathy Inman holding a picture of their late son, Dustin. AJC
November 9, 2017

Dear Decaturish – and AJC spread ‘baseless smear’ about Dustin Inman Society

Dear editor, recently ran a news story about a complaint filed with the Immigration enforcement Review Board by Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle concerning what Cagle says is a violation of state law. In that article, you inserted additional news about what Jim Galloway of the AJC wrote on his blog about the pro-enforcement non-profit group named after our son, Dustin Inman.

“AJC political columnist Jim Galloway reported that the Immigration Enforcement Review Board handled 20 cases in six years, 19 of which were filed by the founder of the Dustin Inman Society, dubbed a ‘extremist’ group by the Southern Poverty Law Center” wrote Dan Whisenhunt.

Our friend D.A. King, founder and president of the Dustin Inman Society, has worked for nearly fifteen years to advance the cause of immigration enforcement. Our son, Dustin, is forever 16 because a speeding illegal immigrant ran into our car on Father’s Day weekend in 2000 killing Dustin instantly and putting both my wife, Kathy and me in comas. We learned that our only child was gone only when we awakened. After his funeral.

Even now, almost 18 years later Kathy is in constant pain and has been confined to a wheelchair since the horror that separated our American family forever.

Some people have told us that it could have been anyone that killed ruined our lives and family. It wasn’t just anyone. It was a person with no legal right to even be in our country.

Galloway is well known for trying to marginalize our enforcement work. So is the SPLC which is also noted for labeling as “hate” or “extreme” any person or group that does not follow their far-left anti-enforcement agenda. We are saddened but not surprised to see that Galloway and the AJC have taken to use of the discredited SPLC to try to intimidate the majority of Americans who only ask that we enforce our laws. Even our immigration laws.

We are also puzzled as to why felt it necessary to help spread the baseless smear from Galloway and the SPLC. To us, that seems “extreme.”

– Billy and Kathy Inman   HERE