October 10, 2017

Inside baseball–Deferred action on deportation is NOT a statute! It was never passed by congress. It is an enforcement priority tool that is easily described as an ‘on-again, off-again tradition’ – so, a question #DDS

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The United States Constitution credit statessymbolsusa.org

“Deferred action is not a statute created or authorized by law or by congress…”

Below is page 15 of the 2015 Texas vs United States federal court order that stopped DAPA and the expansion of DACA – note the reference that deferred action is not a statute and was not created by congress. Nevertheless, in the process of going around the INA, it was used in the REAL ID Act to provide “lawful status” to illegal aliens so they can obtain a drivers license.

  • Question (again) – how is it constitutional to insert ‘deferred action’ into the REAL ID Act [see: SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS – (2) (B) EVIDENCE OF LAWFUL STATUS (vii) ] to provide “evidence of lawful status” to illegal aliens, thereby using an enforcement priority tool that is not law and was never authorized by congress to change the language, intent and result of the INA that was passed by congress? ——-Isn’t that the same as saying law enforcement has the power to invent a way to change federal immigration law if congress skips a step and nobody speaks up?

I don’t know how to post the image any larger. To read it clearly, click HERE and scroll to page 15.

Page 15 of the Texas vs USA (DAPA/DACA expansion) order from Judge Andrew Hanen – 2015