October 6, 2017

No match! AJC reporting that USCIS says there are 21,600 illegal aliens with DACA in Georgia – Deal administration says they have issued 48,935 drivers licenses to DACA recipients

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AJC and USCIS numbers of illegal aliens with DACA status in Georgia is a “no match.”

AJC news article with USCIS number (21,600) of DACA illegal aliens in Georgia HERE. The USCIS report cited is HERE (page 6).

Letter from DDS (our DMV) to a state Senator about number of drivers licenses issued to DACA illegals (48,935) HERE.

Seems like the AJC would know this. Note: the AJC refers to illegal aliens as “immigrants without legal status.”

Also included in the DDS letter to are numbers of illegal aliens who do not have deferred action on deportation, and who are already under deportation orders.

–> Not mentioned (anywhere but here…ever) is fact that because 2016’s SB6 was not allowed a hearing in the GOP Georgia House – it passed the senate with a near 2/3rd majority – DDS gives the same drivers license and ID card to illegal aliens that it gives to legal immigrants, families of foreign diplomats and foreign Mercedes Benz executives here on legal guest worker visas.

DDS photo – This is the drivers license issued to illegal aliens with DACA and to legal immigrants and guest workers. It can and is used to board airliners, enter federal buildings and rent vehicles.