July 20, 2017

Liberal @AJCeditor et al censored “illegal alien” to “illegal immigrant” in my letter to the editor

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The liberal AJC gang changed my letter before they printed it. I don’t write “illegal immigrant” – I call illegal aliens “illegal aliens” and used that term in my letter to the editor. So does the SOTUS, IRS, federal law, state law, federal appellate courts…you get the picture. What is really amusing, is that the AJC writer, Bill Torpy, mentioned in the below letter had used the term “illegal aliens” in the AJC column I wrote about.

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I wrote a short note of discontent and received a response with an explanation and apology. For which I am grateful.


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Readers Write: July 16 (2017)

Torpy’s column suffers from bad timing

Bill Torpy’s recent foray into the topic of immigration enforcement and amnesty met with some excruciatingly bad timing “Nuanced views on immigration? No way!,” News, July 9.

He wrote three more-noble-than-thou tear-jerkers about a Marietta illegal immigrant church deacon and his illegal immigrant wife (both apparently with 19-year-old deportation orders) being taken into custody by ICE for deportation. Before the ink was dry, we saw news stories about an illegal immigrant being captured and charged after an attack that involved the rape of a mother while her young son looked on. The attackers also threw boiling water on the helpless woman. Then an obviously deranged illegal immigrant in Gwinnett has been charged with stabbing her husband and her children to death.

Then it was illegal immigrant prostitutes in Canton. And then it was illegal immigrant meth dealers with illegal weapons in Gainesville. A busy two weeks in “looking for a better life.”

Torpy also takes note of the 1986 “one-time” Republican immigration amnesty and pushes for a repeat. We can’t help but wonder how often he thinks we should conduct “one-time” amnesties for victims of borders. Or if American borders and immigration laws will be allowed to apply to “church deacons.”