June 15, 2017

IERB – Open records request sent today to DeKalb BOE Re; Literacy Action Inc and contracting to teach adults at Cross Keys High School

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Audrey Qualls |Legal Records Specialist

Office of Legal Affairs | DeKalb County School District

1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd | Stone Mountain, GA 30083-1027
Tel: 678.676.0203 | Fax: 678.676.0234

Ms. Qualls,

Please send me copies of any and all applications and/or bids for contracting with DeKalb Board of Education from Literacy Action Inc.

Please include any contracts, copies of agreements and any and all records showing all payments from DeKalb BOE to Literacy Action, including for the service provided in conducting education classes for the adult parents of Cross Keys High School students as described in a DeKalb response to a complaint pending in the Immigration Enforcement Review Board. Please use inclusive dates of January 1, 2012 through June 15, 2017. Please include copies of all documents that illustrate any bidding process for this service, including bids and emails from other providers or potential contractors.

Thank you,