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The Dustin Inman Society picks Bob Gray in the Georgia Sixth District special election – April 18



To all DIS supporters who vote in Georgia’s Sixth District:


The Dustin Inman Society’s favorite candidate for the special election to replace Dr. Tom Price in congress – Georgia’s 6th District – is Mr. Bob Gray [2].

At his invitation, I have spent several hours talking to Bob about both legal and illegal immigration and I am confident that he is a man of his word and has a genuine interest in American workers and wages and preserving our rule of law.

Mr. Gray understands that immigration [3] is not a separate issue from most other topics and that not only must we secure our borders, but that we must also enforce the laws in place on ensuring that temporary visa holders actually leave the U.S. when they are supposed to. About half the illegal aliens here now did not come illegally.

Bob agrees with me – and most Americans – that English should be the official language of the United States.

I trust that Bob will not participate in a repeat of the 1986 legalization of illegal aliens and that he understands that ending the current reward system of jobs, benefits and services for illegal aliens is the reasonable solution to illegal immigration. Bob has made it clear that he supports national E-Verify and employer accountability.

Bob has also told me that he supports expanding the 287 g tool so that more local law enforcement agencies can help ICE locate and report illegal aliens in our communities.

I urge you to take a look at the candidate survey offered by our friends at NumbersUSA [4] asking key questions on immigration positions of contenders for the 6th District seat, HERE [5]. The survey was sent to all candidates.

Bob Gray answered the questions exactly as I would have myself.

I also urge you to note which candidates did not respond – and have thereby not detailed their immigration related promises in writing.

Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona. English is an optional language.

The Dustin Inman Society picks Bob Gray and I am voting for Bob Gray.

D.A. King