March 31, 2017

WE WIN! HB 452 passes the Georgia General Assembly. Action needed, say “THANK YOU” to Rep Jesse Petrea

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HB 452 passes the Georgia Senate



–> Thank you, Rep Jesse Petrea!
404.657.1803 – Georgia Capitol office

We need financial help.

Dear friends,

Because of our work, HB 452 passed last night at about 10:00. It took a lot more effort than it should have in a Republican-controlled Georgia legislature. The senate was the problem, not the House. I was in the Capitol most of the day yesterday and much of the last three months. It is one of my least favorite locations to spend time.

To be honest, passing HB 452 in the Republican senate was as difficult as anything we have done since 2005 when we started the Dustin Inman Society with our own funds.

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I cannot thank all of you enough for the phone calls and emails that poured in to the state senate. I also want to thank several Georgia sheriffs who saw the wisdom of the bill and spoke loudly and often for the common sense bill’s passage. More on that later.

Our bill was so good and we exerted so much pressure to pass it in the correct form that another bill (SB1) that had a great deal of trouble was added onto HB 452 to insure SB1’s passage.

A simple explanation of the original part of HB 452 that we all worked for is this:

—> After Governor Deal signs HB 452 into law, GBI will be required to share information it has been receiving from ICE on criminal aliens who have been released into Georgia instead of being deported as they should be. These convicted criminals with convictions including murder, rape, kidnapping, child molestation and assault are walking American streets as I type this. GBI will be required to to send the ICE info as it arrives to the Sheriff’s Association and to post it on the GBI website so that every Georgian can see it. That’s it.

That is what the corporate-funded illegal alien lobby such as GALEO and the Latin American Association worked so hard to stop. That is what Republican state senators Tyler Harper and John Albers tried to water-down with ridiculously poor wording that was the laughing stock of people with legal knowledge of well-written legislation. We were successful in killing the Harper-Albers amendment and a replacement amendment from the senate that was almost as bad. *

To be clear: South Georgia state Senator Tyler Harper, Chairman of the Senate Public Safety Committee is a real problem for Georgia and for pro-enforcement Americans. More on that later as well.

Many thanks to our friend, state Senator Hinter Hill for carrying HB 452 in the senate!

We win.

ACTION NEEDED! Say thank you!
I ask you to now take a quick minute to make a call to the capitol office of Savannah state Rep Jesse Petrea who sponsored HB 452 and methodically worked to insure his bill was as well-written and understood as it could possibly be.

To be clear: We would not have seen the passage of HB 452 without the diligence and determination of Jesse Petrea. Please leave a message at his office today. “Please tell Rep Petrea we called from our house and that we are grateful for his hard work on HB 452. We need more pro-enforcement legislators like him.”

—> Please call Rep Petrea’s office now. 404-657-1803 and leave a message with his assistant. We predict Rep Petrea will go far. BTW – He pronounces his name “Pea-tree.”

Georgia state Rep Jesse Petrea – District 166