February 11, 2017

Not our issue, but we love the sentiment – Letters to the editor, MDJ : “Associated Press is print version of MSNBC”

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Letters to the editor, MDJ

February 9, 2017

Associated Press is print version of MSNBC
Feb 9, 2017

I too am very disturbed that the March for Life received absolutely no coverage in the Marietta Daily Journal (Meredith Brinkmann, MDJ Letters, 2/1/2017).

Disturbed, but not the least surprised. MDJ gets all its national and international news articles from the Associated Press, which is the equivalent of MSNBC in print form. I shouldn’t say news articles, I should say “news” stories since they are all slanted to the far left. AP believes in that old saying “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Even though most years the March for Life draws far more people (mostly women) than the abortion march the week before, there are no major news outlets that will cover it, nor are there any networks, either.

Another example of this incredible bias is when the AP issued a piece concerning the fact that Donald Trump lost two electoral votes when the college of electors met in December, but nowhere, ever, at any time did they mention that Hillary Clinton lost eight. AP, in a recent article actually called itself a “fact-checking outlet.”

Really? What a joke. If MDJ wants to be the paper they say they are, perhaps they should look for a more honest source for national and international news.

F.H. Bourgeois

Marietta   HERE (paywall)