February 8, 2017

AJC argues with AJC in alarmed news report about fact that Georgia issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens – and some background facts on facts *UPDATED (*three times)

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UPDATE January 10, 2018 Just remembered to post the response from the official PIO at USCIS on the status of DACA illegal aliens. (USCIS says they have no lawful status) HERE

UPDATED Again, Feb 10 10:00 AM – WSB -TV used the below story from the AJC in its 6:00 PM news broadcast. After realizing the obvious problems, WSB TV ran a correction at our request. We are very grateful to Ms. Misti Turnbull, News Nirector at WSB. WSB had previously aired stories regarding the fact that illegal aliens are getting drivers licensees in Georgia. The AJC has also run news stories admitting illegals get a Georgia drivers licesne. Tra-la…


BTW: the AJC slogan is “Credible. Compelling. Complete.”


From AJC reporter David Wickert at 9:34 AM Feb 9:

Mr. King,
Thanks for speaking with me yesterday. After our conversation, I spoke with the Department of Driver Services and reporter Jeremy Redmon, who covers immigration issues. I rephrased a portion of my article to be more precise about who can receive a state driver’s license.
My editors and I don’t believe the change merits a correction. But thanks for being a careful reader.

David Wickert
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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I am posting the complete (current version) of this so as to illustrate the fact that AJC – Bert Roughton managing editor – will change text of news reports without notation when challenged. This story from reporter David Wickert. BTW: Yesterday the Georgia Department of Drivers Services (DDS) legislative liaison, Michael Mitchell, told the House Motor Vehicles committee that Georgia is not issuing drivers licenses to illegals. Not one member of that committee disputed that intentional lie. Why is that not “the news?”

HERE is an AP report admitting illegal aliens who have already been ordered deported were suing to get a Georgia drivers license. They won. Georgia did not appeal. The AJC did cover that dangerous fact.

HERE is an AP report explaining that illegal aliens with a delay/deferral on deportation are getting a Georgia drivers license.

HERE is a Wall St. Journal report (paywall) explaining that Georgia issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens with deferred action on deportation. Heads up to AJC – only illegal aliens need a deferral on deportation.

HERE is a very well written and lucid explanation ( much more clear than anything from the AJC ) of how illegal aliens get a drivers license in Georgia – and that it does not happen in Mexico.

HERE is an AJC story with an inaccurate headline that tells readers Georgia passed legislation that ends the practice of issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens from 2013. Despite my efforts, it was never corrected.

Added 9 Feb: HERE is an AJC story from the well-trained immigration reporter ( “In 2013, he completed a fellowship with The New York Times Institute on Immigration Reporting at the University of California Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. And in 2012, he completed fellowships at the Institute for Justice and Journalism on Immigration Reporting at the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication and at the Journalist Law School at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles ) who will not write “illegal” – so illegal aliens are “immigrants without legal status” – explaining quite carefully that the Georgia senate passed SB 6 last year to change the drivers license issued to illegal aliens…Welcome to Newspeak in Georgiafornia:”Georgia would create special driver’s licenses and ID cards that more clearly identify immigrants without legal status under controversial legislation the Republican-controlled Senate approved on a 37-17 vote Monday.”

Photo: AJC Caption: AJC “Georgia does not issue driver’s licenses to people who are not in the United States legally. However, it issues temporary licenses to noncitizens who are in the country legally.”



Bill: Give legal residents “noncitizen” driver’s licenses

David Wickert

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
8:36 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017  – Metro Atlanta / State news

Legal Georgia residents who are not U.S. citizens would have their driver’s licenses branded with the term “noncitizen” under a bill that passed a House of Representatives committee Tuesday.

The provision’s sponsor, Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell, said it could prevent noncitizens from registering to vote or take advantage of other benefits reserved for U.S. citizens.

“I don’t care if you’re a regional vice president for Mercedes,” Powell told the House Motor Vehicles Committee Tuesday. “If you’re in this country and can get a driver’s license, it at least ought to have on there `noncitizen.’”

Georgia does not issue driver’s licenses to people who are not in the United States legally. However, it issues temporary licenses to noncitizens who are in the country legally.

State Rep. Dewey McClain, D-Lawrenceville, questioned the usefulness of Powell’s amendment. He wondered what police officers would make of the “noncitizen” stamp if they pulled over a legal resident.

“If you’re not legal, you can’t get licenses at all anyway,” McClain said.

Powell said he doesn’t see any downside to the “noncitizen” label.

“I don’t think `noncitizen’ is a very offensive term,” Powell said. “It just clearly states it.”

By a 4-3 vote, the Motor Vehicles Committee attached Powell’s provision to House Bill 136, which would allow Georgia residents to keep their old driver’s licenses when they renew them. The committee then approved the amended bill.

Last year a bill that would have created special driver’s licenses and ID cards identifying immigrants without legal status passed the Senate but died in the House. HERE – as of this morning…