December 29, 2016

WSB TV’s Rikki Klaus, “professional journalist”

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This voice mail came from WSB’s Rikki Klaus at 7:30 PM, Wednesday, December 28, 2016. On a holiday vacay date night, my wife and I had just been served dinner at a favorite restaurant.


WSB’s reporter Klaus contacted me in early December for a story. This in itself is unusual, as I am not a fave person with staff and management at the deteriorating WSB TV News department. They have stories of illegal aliens as victims to tell and I am pro-enforcement. To the liberal reporters there, protecting the rule of law and the rights of legal immigrants and Americans in America is “anti-immigrant.” The news director, a Misti Turnbull, does not return repeated calls for corrections when I am slandered on air as “anti-immigration” or “anti-immigrant” and I have recently learned she has blocked me on Twitter. Which cracks me up.

Anyway, I returned reporter Klaus’ email early the day after it was sent with my name and cell number. A few days later, and after no contact from her I assumed she had been told I was blacklisted at her station. I called to find out and Klaus told me  “Oh, I was just about to call you!” she told me she was doing a story ( I don’t remember what the drift was) on illegals and had already gotten on camera interviews with two other people and needed “balance,” Could I send a statement? We made plans for her to contact me at 3:00 PM two days later for an interview. On my way to the gym at 4-ish the day she promised to call me, I called her to tell her I was no longer available for a camera hit. She had forgotten about her pledge to call me. “But I am on my way to breaking news and still want to interview you” she said. “I asked my producer and it is OK to interview you…”

The next time I heard from Rikki Klaus of WSB TV News was the voice mail above. I accidentally hit redial instead of voice mail playback and spoke to Klaus, who sounded rather frantic. Could I please send a text statement on her story? “Or, I have a camera man who can come to you right now”after I expressed my surprise at her call and request.

I carefully explained to Ms. Klaus that I would do neither. Ditto for any future request.

The standards at WSB TV News have been declining for quite some time. I will write up some gems to illustrate that fact as I get time. I have some beauties. Hello Steve Gehlbach

The agenda-driven liberal bias and ignorance of immigration at WSB and most other Atlanta TV stations is the reason we pretty much stopped watching “the news.”


December 6, 2016 at 10:20 PM

Inbox – D.A. King


Rikki Klaus <>


The following person contacted us at on December 06, 2016:

Rikki Klaus


Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone number:

Email address:
“Rikki Klaus” <>


Hello! I’m Rikki Klaus, a WSB-TV reporter doing an immigration story for Channel 2 Action News. Could you please call or email me as soon as you get the chance? I’d love to set up an interview.

Thank you,
Rikki Klaus
WSB-TV reporter
404-996-8703 (cell)