November 18, 2014

SB 6 in Georgia falsely depicted six hours after being introduced! Diana Davis at WSB TV: Completely fabricated “news” reporting on SB 6. We have asked for an on-air correction and do-over story that is accurate

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ADDED 2:14 PM same day: It looks like WSB TV took the below news report video off of their site. And who could blame them?

ADDED: 3:00 PM – A welcomed call from a senior WSB editor tells us that WSB TV News will air a detailed correction on each broadcast time today in which the original report aired. No word on the future of Diana Davis…

ADDED 9:40 Wednesday AM, next day: : HERE is a link to the correction WSB TV News posted on Diana Davis’ false report.

Here is the video correction WSB TV News aired last night:

Is Atlanta’s WSB TV News reporter Diana Davis an official anti-enforcement activist reporter?

You be the judge. Watch the short video.

1) Georgia state Senator’s SB 6 ( see outline HERE ) does not stop “non-citizens” from obtaining a Georgia drivers license. That is the entire false premise of Diana Davis’ agenda-driven report. The bill says illegal aliens who are beneficiaries of Obama’s deferred action on deportation will not be allowed to obtain or keep a Georgia drivers license. Not being an American citizen does NOT prohibit anyone from getting a Georgia drivers license!

2) Charles Kuck is an immigration lawyer. But he is also vice-Chair of the rapidly anti-enforcement, pro-amnesty, tribalist GALEO Corporation . The AJC and other news outlets in Georgia and now WSB TV News omit that important attribution. See HERE for Kuck’s position. NOTE: The AJC “justice”-trained immigration reporter did it again yesterday, after repeated promises over the years from senior editors that the biased practice would stop: “Charles Kuck, a local immigration attorney who teaches immigration law at Emory University…” HERE

3) It is impossible to see how anyone could invent a more biased, incomplete and more intentionally false report on this common sense, life-saving legislation in Georgia than what Davis has done.

* Assuming that WSB TV News does a correction AND a separate story that contains an accurate portrayal of the facts involving the pending legislation in the Georgia Capitol, we will be happy to post that information far and wide.

You can contact WSB TV News reporter Diana Davis and her producers HERE

This is not the first time Davis has done this. Several years ago, WSB TV News was kind enough to interrupt the 6:00 news to air a correction to another story she got 100% wrong after asking me a direct question and reversing my face-to-face response.