January 29, 2013

Press Release: Dustin Inman Society actively opposes McCain/RubiObamAmnesty

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MEDIA ADVISORY January 29, 2013

The Dustin Inman Society
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Marietta, Ga. 30066
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Georgia-based pro-enforcement immigration watchdog group opposes amnesty-again – says “no” to legalization agenda led by Marco Rubio, Barack Obama & John McCain et al

Today, Dustin Inman Society president D.A. King announced his organization’s intent to actively oppose the 2013 attempt to repeat the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens.

Including anti-amnesty White House protests in 2005 and 2007, King is a veteran of successfully organizing rallies and events aimed at educating the American public on the consequences of amnesty. “Sadly, Americans will find it necessary to again march in the streets of their own country to defend it and the rule of law upon which we were founded. Reagan’s 1986 capitulation only increased illegal immigration” King said today.

King noted that Republican John McCain faired quite poorly in his 2008 presidential election bid with Hispanics despite his promise of another amnesty.

King calls on the Georgia delegation in Washington to pick a side and to quickly announce their current position on the concept of legalization for illegal aliens and Obama’s immigration agenda.

“By now, even the least connected Americans realize that the term “comprehensive immigration reform” is 21st century code for a repeat of the “one-time” amnesty of 1986” noted King. “Despite the national media’s agenda-driven refusal to honestly report it, the fact is that legal status for illegal aliens is unconditional and immediate in the recently revealed and deceptive bipartisan “framework” for another amnesty announced this week from the Senate.”

“The President’s outline is a similar attempt to deceive the American people into believing that rewarding illegal aliens with American citizenship will somehow deter illegal immigration. To do so dishonors and devalues the entire concept of what it means to be an American” said King. He pointed to the nation of Mexico as an example of how the United States should approach national security and the enthusiastic enforcement of immigration and employment laws.

“The illegal alien lobby is already brazenly demanding that even the 1986-like empty promise of future enforcement be discarded by the president and other proponents of the current legalization scheme” King said. He pointed at the latest amnesty ‘framework” offered up by the ACLU as just one example of that dangerous fact.

“The anti-enforcement, open-borders coalition of the race-baiting La Raza network, the ACLU, the Chamber of Commerce, the Democrats, Big Religion, Big Academia and some shameful anything-for-a campaign-buck collaborators in the Republican party will never stop fighting against enforcement” warned King. “Amnesty-again will not change that fact. Americans must be ever vigilant and become aware and active in defense of our right to have and enforce borders and immigration laws” he said.

“How is adding 12-20 million newly-legalized mostly low-wage, uneducated, entitlement- demanding potential Democrat voters going to help the budget, unemployment, American workers or the supposedly small government, low-tax GOP?” King asks.