November 8, 2012

Invasion works! Betrayal, sell-out and political suicide / Death of Republican party? … D.A. King in today’s Marietta Daily Journal: Amnesty-again wrong answer for GOP in 2016

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Below is my MDJ column written Thursday morning. This version contains several links to referenced information and a few added bits of information. It may vary slightly from the as-published MDJ version.

Note: $EAN HANNITY JOINS OBAMA ON AMNESTY-AGAIN! Please make special note that the sell-out Sean Hannity’s of the world will have a difficult time with the fact that nearly half of the illegals in the USA did/do not arrive illegally.

*Also, we note that PJB has just weighed in on the same sell-out this evening as wellHERE.

Marietta Daily Journal

D.A. King

November 9, 2012

Amnesty-again wrong answer for GOP in 2016

Mitt Romney’s loss to the Obama regime has the establishment GOP – including here in Georgia – scratching their heads, wringing their hands and chattering semi-coherently with advice about how to retake the White House from the socialists.

The confused “conservative” consternation comes with a predictable, disproven and suicidal scheme as a solution: Another amnesty for illegal aliens. The promised results? “We’ll get more of the Hispanic vote.”

Apparently, they are attempting to again prove “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In addition to mindless – and sad – “immigration enforcement is seen as ethnic-cleansing!”on-air rants from out-going talk-radio relic Neal Boortz ( extra: medicated, pre sell-out Boortz HERE ), the latest local example of “enforcing our immigration laws is not the answer” advice comes from a recent Cobb Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Club briefing in which political “expert” and pollster Matt Towery offers his take on the GOP’s latest loss. (extra: note from D.A. King: don’t miss pre-sale Matt Towery on amnesty HERE )

As reported by this newspaper Towery expressed alarm that election-night Florida exit polls from the Cuban American community had Romney only five or six points ahead. “That’s significant trouble because that’s your most loyal Republican base,” Towery said. “If the party doesn’t deal with that, and you can’t do it by saying, ‘seal the borders and throw everybody out’, because if you say that you’re saying to them, ‘you don’t belong here in the United States of America. So I think there’s going to have to be a reinvention of how do you deal with these issues without simply trying to appeal to the red meat of one core part of the Republican Party.”

The conclusion is less than educated. And, as usual, Romney’s enforcement plank is misrepresented.

Most Cuban-Americans do not support illegal immigration. Especially from Mexico, which is the source of most illegals . People who are in the USA in violation of our immigration laws do not belong here. Also, like Boortz, Towery seems surprisingly ignorant on the quite reasonable and proven-successful attrition through enforcement – “self-deportation”- solution.

Romney and most pro-enforcement Americans are simply demanding that we at least enforce the same immigration laws that bring more than a million, mostly poor, legal immigrants (which is far too many) each year.

Towery, along with the rest of the pack in the Republican Party that is even now plotting another run at legalization by capitulating to Barack Hussein Obama – and the Chamber of Commerce – on amnesty-again should struggle to understand that “Hispanics” are not a monolithic voting bloc. But they do mostly vote Democrat. Far too many voters support the candidate that promises the most entitlements (loot) . Hispanics included.

Nearly half of the illegal aliens present in the U.S. right now did not come here illegally. They overstayed temporary visas. For votes, should we ignore visa violations too? That is how many of the 9/11 terrorists were able to remain here.

Reliable evidence available on Hispanic public opinion from an election eve ImpreMedia/Media Decisions (slogan:“Everything Latino politics”) poll makes it clear that (unlike the proud Hispanics on the board of the Dustin Inman Society which this writer heads) generally, “Hispanics” are a fairly liberal voting group. Just 12 percent of Latinos polled supported a cuts-only approach to deficit reduction. Only 25 percent want to repeal Obamacare. Only 31 percent said they’d be more likely to vote for a Republican who supports the DREAM Act.

Memo to the GOP base: Hispanics do not reward Republicans with majority support on amnesty .

Using election-day talking points distributed by Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, the folly of current “expert” advice is evident: In his run for re-election in 1984, Ronald Reagan promised legalization. And got 37% of the Hispanic vote.

In 1988, just two years after the GOP actually delivered amnesty, Republican presidential candidate George H.W. Bush lost the Latino vote by 39 points ( ). Even the super-Hispandering GOP Texan George W. Bush, who promised amnesty in his 2004 re-election campaign, got less than 40% of the Hispanic vote.

Republican John McCain got 31% of the Latino vote despite his foreign language radio promise of amnesty “on day one” in 2008.

The record low was Bob Dole at 21% in 1996 against incumbent Bill Clinton, who had just implemented landmark, meaningful enforcement with “Operation Gatekeeper ”, a massive project announced in 1994 “to restore integrity and safety to the nation’s busiest border” that secured the American/Mexican border in San Diego. Pro-enforcement Democrat Clinton won in a landslide with 72% of the Hispanic vote.

Documenting millions of resentful undocumented Democrats is a crack-pot approach to electing a Republican president.

Maybe too “red meat” an observation?

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society. He is not a member of any political party. Online: The Dustin Inman Society on Facebook